Example sentences of "[noun pl] [adv] upon a " in BNC.

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1 Where he had been standing had been a turning point for cars once upon a time — when there were still cars in the world — but this had never been a place for modern things .
2 ‘ The Glynns were farmers once upon a time .
3 And a cassowary 's wing-bone through the nose of a handsome young fellow was a fine attraction for the girls once upon a time ! "
4 As the law presently stands , it is open for a settlor to transfer assets overseas upon an accumulation trust for the benefit of his children without there being any UK tax liability on the income as it arises overseas .
5 This is a book much to be admired ; it contains exactly the sort of information I would have divulged to my own foundation students once upon a sketchbook project .
6 Perhaps objects like these had been fashionable in churches once upon a time , but no longer , hence the attic .
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