Example sentences of "[noun pl] [noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 The guitars stagger all over the place , the singer hacks his throat raw and the song stutters to a halt in a welter of feedback .
2 Although earnings prospects all over Europe are still excellent the balance has now been slightly tipped away from the equity markets .
3 Around three trains per week were accepted by this shop , all carrying horse-drawn vehicles , coming from Goods Depots all over the country : Camden , Broad Street , Curzon Street etc , whereas it was the rule that road motors came and went under their own power delivered and accepted by the drivers from the depots concerned .
4 Both Bomber Command and the American Air Forces were concentrating on oil refineries and synthetic petroleum plants as well as the usual railway marshalling yards and arms factories all over France and western Germany in order to enable the invading armies to carry on advancing , but air losses were heavy .
5 With the growing interest in waterlilies enthusiasts all over the world are producing new varieties every year .
6 ‘ I forced myself to write a chapter or two about the good things he did : getting rid of dead wood in the bureau ; eliminating corruption among his agents ; setting up a fingerprint system , an FBI laboratory that could serve as a technical resource for police forces all over the country .
7 Earlier , Det Sgt John Clark had said he had been involved in meetings with other police forces all over the country after a number of raids on TSB branches in which cash dispensers were forced open using oxy-acetylene equipment .
8 They wore the same green and white of malai children all over that archipelagic state .
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