Example sentences of "[noun sg] happened to be " in BNC.

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1 Is that what it is– ’ Or if I was to see the doctor and my girlfriend happened to be seeing the doctor as well , this was just an excuse , according to them , for us to be together .
2 Numerous such accidents happened whilst igniting , for if the slow fuze happened to be not so slow , or the miner inadvertently touched the straw with his candle , then he might have but a few impossible seconds to make good his escape .
3 The church had been chosen simply because its priest happened to be a friend of Eliot 's solicitor , who was also " best man " .
4 Not surprisingly , their most fanatical fan happened to be Steven Morrissey .
5 Especially if the wheel happened to be hers .
6 The marble happened to be perfect .
7 Well it was a large double-fronted house and it was sand-bagged all round and there were tables and to er , administer , you know , wardens in the unevent of air raids which they used to do and they used to patrol the streets looking for lights to see if pe my nan actually got fined once cos she , she event inadvertently went into a room and put the light on and forgot she 'd left the curtains open and an air raid warden happened to be around she , she got hauled into court and fined five pounds for that , er she er I , I once I was just thinking the other day just telling a friend of mine , they had an actual practice air raid once and in some old buildings in the Burchells and we as kids had to go and lie in there and wait till we 'd got a tag on and what would happen to us a label and they took us to the first aid post in , an ambulance came and picked us up on a stretcher and took us to the first aid post in Road .
8 In Wycliffe 's temporary office there was only one small , dirty window high up in the wall , but the sun happened to be shining through it and so his desk and chair were placed in a pool of sunlight .
9 After the wedding , they were taken for breakfast to the house of the officiating priest which by curious coincidence happened to be to Kensington Church Walk , where Ezra Pound had lived many years before .
10 A NETWORK hack and photographer happened to be passing by when they spotted a well-known accountant checking the INROADS mat .
11 ‘ It would cause endless difficulties if their decision happened to be misplaced , dozy or ill thought-out . ’
12 But suppose I had found a watch upon the ground , and it should be inquired how the watch happened to be in that place ; I should hardly think of the answer which I had before given , that for anything I knew , the watch might have always been there .
13 The train at that moment happened to be rushing through a small country station and the boy , looking out , saw the stuff hit a porter smack in the face .
14 If there were spokes and the Scapegoat happened to be topside of them it could n't fall through . ’
15 The French relieve you of £1.05 in tax , 63 per cent of the £1.66 pump price you would be charged if diesel happened to be sold by the gallon in Calais .
16 ‘ This evening happened to be a mixing of some particularly important business with just a little pleasure .
17 The wine waiter happened to be carrying a very rare bottle indeed .
18 Bishop Farquhar said that it was a matter of history which part of that circle happened to be passing by as it cut through the life of the Edwards family .
19 She said it would only be a little party : herself and Freddie , one of her flat mates , called Pauline — the other happened to be away — and Pauline 's boyfriend .
20 I can not imagine what sort of place this gentleman imagined he was coming to in bringing the latter , but I must say it struck something of an odd note to see in Darlington Hall these two large silent men staring suspiciously in all directions a few yards from wherever the Italian gentleman happened to be .
21 I suppose no other curate happened to be in poor health at that time . ’
22 The best person happened to be disabled .
23 I met at this time a number of adopted children , and realised that the problems we all faced were similar , whatever the child 's colour happened to be .
24 The woman happened to be quite wealthy , cheerfully handed him a large cheque as a gift — and he flew to Hawaii .
25 As a matter of fact , however , the Bristol-Coventry game happened to be running five minutes late .
26 The CO 's office where he was learning the job of Assistant Adjutant happened to be on the first floor of an empty house in Cadogan Gardens .
27 My plans for flying around the beautiful Nelson and Marlborough Sounds area happened to be frustrated by the fact that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was visiting nearby .
28 Poor Jasper happened to be curled up asleep some five feet away at the time and was rudely awakened .
29 When the advocates of a pro-Israeli policy happened to be Jewish , says the Jewish Mr Teicher , the Arabists did not hesitate to whisper ‘ dual loyalty ’ .
30 His father happened to be passing , shortly after the attack , but when he went to help , he did n't recognise his own son .
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