Example sentences of "[noun sg] around the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 A woman came out of her house and apparently poured a pot of tea around the base of a bush .
2 Western press reports noted a rise in banditry around the refugee camps on the Thai border , leading to an indefinite suspension of UN aid shipments from Thailand into Cambodia from Sept. 21 .
3 Having spent much of the glorious summer last year sitting in the shade of the apple tree I decided that if such summers were to continue it would be a good idea to build a permanent seat around the tree .
4 At 27 years old , and having won 52 international caps , ‘ Jacki ’ had earned recognition around the world and , more importantly , the permission of the Polish authorities to move abroad .
5 In this circuit ( figure ) , the data input controls gate IC ID establishing positive or negative feedback around the oscillator formed by IC IA IC IB and IC IC .
6 As is so often the case , these gates have been made by someone who has obviously no experience of walking , because they are impossible to negotiate with a rucksack on , unless you climb onto the bottom bars of the fence around the gate to lift the sack above the top rail .
7 But in the end the resident was only allowed to inspect the security of the chain link fence around the dump .
8 He was caught in a massive police hunt launched after the four fled through a hole in a fence around the jail playing field .
9 Erect a small fence around the pool consisting of short canes abut 15 cm ( 6 in ) high , linked together with a single strand of fishing line .
10 An even larger protest was held the following year when 10,000 people gathered , many of them climbing a staircase of straw bales built over the ten-foot high barbed wire fence around the site .
11 ‘ Yanto Gates , ’ she squeaked , ‘ if you think I am going to hare around the country in all winds and weathers in a contraption like that , you 've got another think coming .
12 Thick , textured fabrics are unsuitable as they do not take the stiffening well and also produce too much bulk around the roller .
13 Today there are over 36 million cards in circulation around the world .
14 The venture has been conspicuously successful in giving a platform to Scottish musicians , and in building audience momentum around the country , although the break from now until the autumn could threaten the latter achievement .
15 The Labour government sought from the start to construct and hold together a support bloc around the theme of a ‘ social contract ’ , and I propose to organise my account of the development of political forces in this period around that same theme .
16 She ran her forefinger around the inside of the white pyrex bowl and said nothing .
17 I cut down young trees and put them in the ground , in a half-circle around the front of my tent .
18 Most of the talk around the world has been of " stages " , as though these units , though of no defined dimensions , are the ultimate in stratigraphical correlation on a world-wide scale .
19 It was originally powered by an iron and wood breast shot water wheel , replaced with a turbine around the turn of the century .
20 Starting in the early days of St Cuthberts with local delivery carts , there has been continuous use of this economical form of transport , through the heyday of the horse around the turn of the century , and the rapid change to motorized vehicles in the 1920s and 30s , to the hire carriages in use today .
21 The left-hand chambers have to pump much harder to force the re-oxygenated blood around the whole of the body .
22 There were some thin smears of blood around the wound .
23 Compressed air oscillates the ventricles , circulating blood around the body .
24 Accordingly , the rhythmic compression of our leg-veins when we walk , or chest-veins when we breathe , turn these veins into little peristaltic pumps , aiding the circulation of the blood around the body .
25 Blood pressure is the pressure which the heart and arteries apply in order to squeeze the blood around the body .
26 Circulation of blood around the body is comparatively slow when we are just going about our normal daily tasks .
27 The HEART pumps blood around the body .
28 The heart is a pump which pumps blood around the body .
29 In the same way that the human body , for instance , is an integrated whole whose individual parts serve particular ‘ needs ’ of the system ( for example , the heart performs the function of pumping blood around the body , the bowel functions to collect and evacuate solid-waste products , and so on ) , so society comprises a system of interdependent institutions each with a contribution to make to the overall stability and continuity of the whole .
30 So the capillaries are the very fine tubes that carry the blood around the body .
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