Example sentences of "[noun sg] [prep] the corner " in BNC.

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1 She thought he was going to read it , but instead he tore a piece off the corner .
2 Sitting at right-angles to them ( on either side of the corner of a table ) or even alongside them will make for more harmony .
3 ‘ Just after I left Joe , this side of the corner of Bal Lane .
4 ‘ I can do without that , ’ replied the stranger brusquely , squeezing his bulk into the corner .
5 They had thrown the bear into the corner of the room .
6 Two men grabbed a battered old rocking horse from the corner , and rushed it towards Ilse .
7 Slatter was standing over a youth and his girlfriend in the corner .
8 ‘ Parked his car round the corner and walked straight into our arms . ’
9 She noticed one of the wooden struts on the opposite wall had snapped off leaving an aperture the size of a football in the corner of the car .
10 Inside , Ace folded one piece of plastic explosive round the corner that led into the anteroom , and placed the other above the altar .
11 Some of the others protested at being separated from their belongings , but a Brazilian Corporal in the corner hit two people in the stomach and things moved fast after that .
12 In ten angular jerks and a trip Ranald rose from his seat in the corner by Luch to open the door for Lady Bridhe to leave .
13 Mary , who has said nothing up until now , stirs in her seat in the corner of the room .
14 Charlie grabbed a seat in the corner of an unlit carriage and stared out of the grimy window at a passing English countryside he had never seen before .
15 The steady trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth was dripping from his chin onto his coat front .
16 Granddad in the corner .
17 Sometimes you see someone painting a door or something and get that little bit done there and then they step back to make sure they have n't missed something cos they could be it could be so obvious to anyone who 's just standing , What 's he doing there he 's left a big piece in the corner there that
18 Chris trailed back , dragging his bat in disgust , but loudly clapped by his team and the little group of parents around the scorer 's shack in the corner of the field .
19 ‘ Well , there 's the lav and the 'andbasin that 's on the landin' , ’ said Mrs Beavis , ‘ but you got your own gas ring in the corner there .
20 ‘ Quits , ’ she said cheerfully , and carried the copper kettle to the brass tap let into the front of the water tank which sat in the big iron stove alongside the kitchen fire , and ran the hot water into it before she set it not on the fire , but on a small gas ring in the corner , lighting the gas with a match from a box of Swan Vestas .
21 A young woman , an SS auxiliary in uniform , sat at a typewriter in the corner .
22 The Crystal Palace tram terminus was on a gradient and it was ruled that if the crew wanted to take their break there , in the busmen 's canteen round the corner on the Parade , they must go one at a time and not leave the car unattended .
23 Long intrigued by the notion of this door , for instance , he elicits yet one more variation on the theme this month by placing a faux-bois door-sculpture in the corner of a room chez Mary Boone .
24 Black sat in his office staring at a spider 's web in the corner of the ceiling , Gina sat opposite uncomfortable in the silent painful atmosphere .
25 I was bending my brains to think of a way of introducing Brian Harley into the conversation when the television monitor in the corner of the tent gave me the ideal opportunity .
26 A rapid gear change gave them speed on the corner and he sat bent over the wheel , concentrating fiercely on the road through the sheets of rain .
27 Dr Hendron 's remarks came in the wake of the murder of Cairnshill Road man Sean Hughes as he worked in Jon David 's hairdressing salon on the corner of the Falls and the Donegall Road at 3.50pm on Tuesday .
28 But if she could n't have another baby the newsagent on the corner wanted someone in the mornings .
29 Now Rhoda had stopped work she would go down to the newsagent on the corner for her cigarettes at the same time every morning , each day a little lighter on her feet .
30 She went on , past the blacksmith 's , past the corrugated-iron public lavatory on the corner , plastered with faded posters that peeled and flapped , across the road , through the stepped gap between two old houses whose lath and plaster upper storeys almost touched overhead , and into the little square .
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