Example sentences of "[modal v] be said [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Before we look at some examples to illustrate this falsificationist conception of the progress of science , a word should be said about the claim that ‘ Science starts with problems ’ .
2 Firstly Muslims ( like Christians and unlike Hindus ) have set prayers which should be said during the day , so that Christian prayers can be regarded as a threat or at least an alternative to Islam , and secondly , while Hindu and Sikh parents often regard Christian prayers for their children as so much water off a duck 's back , Muslims , again like Christians or religious Jews , object to any other religious influence on their children .
3 It should be said at the outset that this is not the usual legal meaning of the word .
4 But it should be said at the outset that none of the terms ‘ check ’ , ‘ control ’ or ‘ render accountable ’ has a single clear meaning : there are several ways of checking and controlling and several types of accountability .
5 It should be said at this stage that the case for regulation in any situation is weakened to the extent that the institutions which will themselves be involved are imperfect .
6 On the other hand , despite the tone of much of the political debate in the United Kingdom , it should be said at the outset that questions such as the transfer of powers ( or sovereignty ) to the Community , the direct application and direct effect of Community law , and the correlative theory of the primacy of such provisions of Community law when they conflict with provisions of national law , were all established aspects of Community law when we joined in 1973 , and are not new problems relating to Maastricht .
7 It should be said at the outset , however , that the terminological distinction is not always maintained : it is somewhat blurred in the context of citizenship of the Union , which is inserted into the Community Treaty in a new Article 8 and 8a to 8e .
8 It must be said on James 's behalf that he refrained from doing so .
9 It must be said at once that nothing remotely as strong as this is required by the proposition that to explain an event is to find its cause .
10 It must be said at once that fears as to this are greatly exaggerated : most incestuous activity does not lead to pregnancy , while , when it does , favourable genetic attributes can be transmitted as well as unfavourable ones .
11 Once the connection is made ( and it must be said at this point that the parallel connection is far and away the faster of the two possibles ) a program rejoicing in the highly descriptive name of ‘ FX ’ must be run at either end of the link .
12 The same must be said of the two sets of Images , for although there is no shortage of incidental felicities , I feel that the pianist is apt to over- project this music instead of allowing it to speak for itself .
13 On the final disc , the Suite bergamasque has solid virtues but little magic , and the same must be said of Pour le piano and the nine shorter pieces , including Masques and L'isle joyeuse , that follow .
14 The same must be said of access to capital .
15 Something , then , must be said of how men of that time regarded war , and how commonly-held attitudes may have encouraged them to take an active part in it .
16 Above all they believe that that must be said of Christ which is to be said of no other human being .
17 Quite apart from the fact that they would appear to be unorthodox and a distortion at its best of Christian theology , I believe it must be said of all these suggestions that , if what is intended is that they should give an equal place to women or to the ‘ feminine ’ within the Christian religion , they fail .
18 Before the definition of a contract of sale of goods is 1–3 considered , something must be said of the history and sources of the law relating to sale of goods .
19 However , he has joined the fire service , and is called out most nights , so he too must be said to be doing his bit .
20 The desirability of this is obvious , though it must be said without wishing to offend anyone that it seems as imminent now as it was when the claim was first being made 30 years ago .
21 So something more must be said about beliefs , expectations , hopes , and so on , than that they are not extended , if they are adequately to be distinguished from these other non-extended phenomena .
22 All scholars agree that the text of Boniface IV 's letter which is quoted here was a forgery of the eleventh century , and something must be said about this later .
23 First , however , something must be said about the existing patterns and trends of the curriculum in higher education .
24 The system of higher education in the UK is usually described in institutional rather than curricular terms , and even in a book on the curriculum something must be said about the pattern of institutions since this affects what is taught .
25 This means that something at least must be said about alternative types of ambiguity , although a detailed treatment would be well beyond the scope of this book .
26 It shows that something more must be said about what a convention is , about how much and what kind of agreement is necessary in order that a particular proposition of law can be true in virtue of a particular legal convention .
27 Victor Mature , who has given so much pleasure in his day that nothing must be said against him , is , however , not wholly convincing sitting in a cell wearing a leather mini-skirt , reading Pythagoras .
28 The constructivist starting-point could not be more different , and might be said to be ‘ biological ’ where the representational theory is ‘ engineering ’ — or ‘ machinological ’ .
29 ( Stimulus A of fig. 5.10 might be said to be enriched , if only a little , by virtue of its ability to evoke the image of X. ) The differentiation theory , in contrast , holds that ‘ percepts change over time by progressive elaboration of qualities , features and dimensions of variation ’ ( Gibson and Gibson 1955 , p. 34 ) , that is , by an elaboration of aspects of the stimulus that are present in it from the outset .
30 The first might be said to be context- and task-independent : we can understand what a sequence of symbols is meant to represent , without understanding the context within which those symbols might be put to use .
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