Example sentences of "[conj] gave you [art] " in BNC.

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1 And they were the sort of corsets that gave you the the straight boyish look that was necessary for the clothes of the twenties and the early thirties which were cut on the cross .
2 ‘ That headache has tightened you up all over — or perhaps it was the tightness that gave you the headache in the first place . ’
3 As usual when we entered a church together , I dipped my finger in the holy water and gave you a drop from my fingertips , so that we could cross ourselves together , like a novio and novia .
4 He did not beat you , and gave you a fine son .
5 They took most of their clothes off and gave you a lesson in their personal anatomy .
6 Imagine a suite of software that used the central core concept controlling integrated modules and gave you the ability to run your own software as well .
7 It 's the kind of mistake you 'll only make once or twice , I suppose , but it would be simpler if , when you enter the CUSTOMER invoice section , the program asked whether you wanted to print the invoice , and gave you the option of which one to use , or asked whether the invoice had already been raised .
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