Example sentences of "[conj] can be said " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And should any other prince or captain , Christian or infidel , of whatever law or sect or condition he may be , pretend to any right to these lands and seas , I am ready and prepared to deny him and to defend them in the names of the Kings of Castile present and future , whose is this empire and the dominion of these Indies , islands and mainland , northern and southern , with their seas , in the arctic pole as in the antarctic , on both sides of the equinoctial line , within and without the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn — so that each thing and part of it belong and appertain most completely to Their Highnesses and to their successors , as I declare more at length by writ setting forth all that may be said or can be said and alleged in behalf of their royal patrimony , now and for all time so long as the world shall last until the final universal judgement of all mortals . '
2 Or is there any sense in which those who oppose and vote against a particular policy or decision can be said to assent to it , or can be said to be governing themselves when they have voted against the policy that has been adopted ?
3 Perhaps the most fundamental characteristic of a system that can be said to be ‘ living ’ is its ability to self-replicate .
4 The only thing that can be said for astrology is that it makes money for those who write and publish horoscopes , despite being wrong on most occasions .
5 One thing that can be said for this type of control is that you only need a minimum of movement in the pot to switch between crunch and scream .
6 The one thing that can be said in favour is that it sends vegans and animal rights activists incandescent with rage .
7 ‘ The only thing that can be said is that somebody has just snuffed out a very special person who was going to achieve an incredible amount in life .
8 Chief Superintendent Paul Green of Holborn Police said at the scene last night : ‘ The only thing that can be said about the target is that it was in one of London 's main streets at a very busy time .
9 In conclusion , is there anything of a general nature that can be said about Wittgenstein 's treatment of the ‘ Other Minds ’ problem ?
10 The one thing that can be said with certainty about mildew is that it is unpredictable .
11 The one idea that can be said to have made a firm impression from the psychoanalytic approach to dreaming is that these experiences come from within the mind , rather than from outside ( although in the case of Jung 's psychology even this is not clear ) .
12 One thing that can be said in opposition to the simultaneity idea is that if we persist in thinking precisely of causation , of one thing causing another , as distinct from any related kind of connection , we are inclined to try to substitute successions for simultaneities .
13 It is true , certainly , that feeling good for no particular reason , and the sensation of warmth , do not involve objects or contents that can be said to be determinate in a certain sense .
14 The best thing that can be said of them is that their contact with women is slight , the numbers who participate regularly are few , and whilst this reinforces the commonsense definition of poverty as being a result of apathy , it protects those who escape from the prescriptions of unperceptive need-meeters and from yet more management by misguided missionaries .
15 As the balloon expands , the distance between any two spots increases , but there is no spot that can be said to be the center of the expansion .
16 In such a well studied and carefully recorded area , is there anything new that can be said about this Bronze Age landscape ?
17 1.1 The overall goal of this investigation is to argue that there is a very great deal that can be said , that has not yet been said , about the semantic value of fundamental syntactic relations .
18 The worst that can be said of the new minister is that he " undoubtedly possessed a definite political programme , but he was too cautious and too indecisive to carry it out " .
19 One thing that can be said about is that he he 's never drab .
20 ‘ HERE is the new Shorter Oxford Dictionary of which the first thing that can be said with confidence is that if you drop it on your foot you will never walk unaided again ’ — Commentator Bernard Levin .
21 The bowling department remains England 's main problem area , despite the batting failures , and there is not much good that can be said about the bowlers .
22 Another component of intonation that can be said to have grammatical significance is the choice of tone on the tonic syllable .
23 ‘ If there is one company that can be said to have influenced British theatre in the eighties it is Cheek by Jowl … the effect of a Cheek by Jowl Shakespeare is to make you think about the play again .
24 More than can be said for the lower one , he wrote .
25 'You look fresh as a daisy which is more than can be said for the rest of us. ’ said John .
26 Which is more than can be said , perhaps , for some of the offerings labelled Panto that are currently mopping up a lot of customers .
27 Simon thought it sensible and practical ‘ which is more than can be said for most of their gimmicks , but ’ he warned her , ‘ if they like it they 'll take it over as their own .
28 ‘ When it comes to the purity of our water , we have virtually no traces of bacteria in the finished product , which is more than can be said for some other Common Market countries , ’ Dr Derek Miller , assistant director of the soon-to-be-privatised Water Research Centre told the newspaper .
29 During the night Ham was in fine form , which is more than can be said for the Redstone rocket .
30 And this is more than can be said for the majority of other books which have exploited the same theme : that of man battling away , amid ignorance and fear , against some novel , lethal , unknown microorganism .
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