Example sentences of "[conj] they gave you " in BNC.

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1 So were , were management quite flexible in that , in that they , you described they allowed , stewards monitored the , the incentive scheme , er they had two weekly meetings , were management quite flexible in that they gave you time off or er whatever ?
2 There was a lot of support from your colleagues if you were in trouble for the very reason that they knew if they gave you help , you 'd automatically give it them .
3 If they gave you ten sums , you were allowed to get only one wrong .
4 But if they gave you a toy made in Japan , you wondered . ’
5 Oh there was no such thing if they gave you the money , you might nip off . .
6 We all kept our place but we all It was As I said , just as if they gave you credit for what you could do .
7 what would happen if you , let's have a look at G , depends on , what would happen if you were still paying fifty pence , but they gave you four hundred , four hundred grams of chocolate , well you get eight grams per penny , this is another test that you got it the right way up , if it were still only two hundred grams , but you payed more money for it , let's say they charged you a pound , I think you 'd get less grams per penny .
8 When they gave you them to shell and you sat
9 The men times the hours when whenever you whenever you get your answer , you can check that your men times the hours must still still be the same as it was when you when they gave you the question .
10 Meantime Berndt gushed with the oil of social graces , pouring her a glass of wine she had no intention of drinking , ( she remembered the Tjerssens as Friend had shown her them , smiling as they gave you ruby venom ) , pouting when she refused his macaroons .
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