Example sentences of "[conj] he gave you " in BNC.

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1 that he gave you
2 That is what the greenbelt is actually there for , and if you have it there for that purpose , as I said yesterday , the necessary corollary is that you have additional provision beyond it , and I ca n't resist to offer Mr Wincup some support , I 'm sure one piece of evidence that he gave you about the letter from the Parish Council , he 's probably already replied to that Parish Council saying , as you 're in the York greenbelt have no fear , all the Selby needs will pass straight across your heads and land somewhere else .
3 And he gave you a job ? ’
4 And he gave you a job going .
5 Erm this has been prepared by Mr erm and perhaps it would be helpful if he gave you the flavour of it .
6 well not exact , obviously , I 'm not saying you remembered if it was a Tuesday morning or a Wednesday afternoon , but he gave you instructions according to Mr in February nineteen eighty seven , would it be about that time that you learnt of the instructions ?
7 The attention he gave you , when he gave you attention , was absolute .
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