Example sentences of "[pron] happen to [be] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And may I ask if she will be so delighted to see me because I happen to be a male member of the human race … ? ’
2 ‘ I do wish everyone would stop writing me off just because I happen to be fifty . ’
3 I happen to be the only person here who believes we have to make a response at the European level , ’ Mr Radice said .
4 ‘ It 's a mug 's game and I happen to be very good at it .
5 People think if you 're small , you 're there to be downtrodden , and they have a stack of prejudices about all the other things that I happen to be .
6 This is despite the fact that there are such programmes as Mastermind , a sheepdog series ( with which I happen to be involved — I declare my interest ) and superb epics by the Natural History Unit .
7 I happen to be embarking on a motoring trip during the course of which I hope to see many splendid views .
8 I happen to be the young man 's godfather .
9 All my pleasures will be solitary , even when I happen to be in company ; I shall not be exhilarated simply because the people around me are enjoying themselves , nor depressed because they are in low spirits .
10 If I happen to be pondering them when about to cross the street , and the green light has changed to yellow , ‘ Be aware ’ resumes all its authority ; never mind that at another level of discourse physics dismisses colour as subjective , unreal .
11 As my aunt would say , I happen to be a sensible lass .
12 I happen to be chairman of the medical panel . ’
13 I happen to be married but things would be tough on a single income ’ .
14 ‘ Just because I happen to be President of this company I do n't play the Great White Chief , ’ he was fond of saying .
15 Since I happen to be English , I have oriented the chart here for northern observers , but I hope that those in the south will forgive me .
16 Now I happen to be an extravert , so if I compensate by smoking this will keep me a perfectly balanced and healthy human being .
17 I think that until I drop I will clean wherever I happen to be on Saturday morning .
18 So , the idea was that Finniston bought out this report which would then form another strata over the institutions and form the Engineering Council , of which I happen to be a member .
19 President , I I happen to be going on Saturday to the National Final of the Rotary Young Inventor of the Years ' er convention this
20 Look , I happen to be calling at the office this afternoon .
21 I happen to be a fan if Mr Vonnegut , so here 's one of his little gems .
22 ‘ My friends are people that I trust and I do n't have to put on airs with them — they know me and do n't assume that I 'm a terrific snob if I happen to be very quiet . ’
23 However , if I am a regular customer and the stall owner gives me credit because I happen to be short of cash , I do have an obligation to come back .
24 But I happen to be living here . ’
25 And , for your information , my life is n't chock-full of boys , as you seem to imply — ’ not at the moment , anyway , she thought ‘ — I happen to be engaged to just the one . ’
26 I happen to be three doors away , and dropping it in my lap is a discreet step short of making an official report .
27 I know Gilbert Racy and I happen to be on holiday in Hereward 's parish . ’
28 I happen to be more than grateful to her . ’
29 I happen to be a former Strathclyde councillor .
30 I said , ‘ I happen to be in custody , remember ? ’
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