Example sentences of "[adv] 10 [unc] [unc] " in BNC.

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1 The average expectation of interest rates under the Tories was just below 10 per cent , while under Labour rates are expected to rise to 11.6 per cent .
2 In the first phase of development in the early 1980s around 30 per cent of changes were bought by former council house tenants , but as prices have rocketed this percentage is now below 10 per cent .
3 This increased to 22.1 per cent in 1974 and subsequently never fell below 10 per cent in that decade .
4 Dr Buchanan has shown this to have been the case with the Bath Turnpike Trust where it had become crucial by the end of the eighteenth century when the share of the landed interest had dropped below 10 per cent .
5 Average cereal prices were seriously higher after 1760 than they had been in the early eighteenth century so there was less fluctuation around the breadline in the first half of the century , but the relief-dependent population was even so probably not much below 10 per cent in most parishes in most years and capable of rising much above that from time to time in localities affected by short-term unemployment of the kind that manufacturing slumps could bring even to the pre-industrial economy .
6 But , as table 4. 1 shows , by the early 1980s the railways ' share of passenger traffic was well below 10 per cent in both countries , their share of freight traffic not that much higher .
7 According to a Midland Bank survey published this week , only 10 per cent of those questioned said they preferred to use a cheque rather than an electronic debit card .
8 ‘ The growth in lending in the year to August by Committee of Scottish and London Clearing Banks was only 27 per cent , and for Barclays it was only 10 per cent , ’ she said .
9 This could lead the promoter into spending more money on advertising than may be necessary because only 10 per cent of these expenses are his or her costs .
10 In this case , if the artist receives a 12 per cent royalty , and the producer requires a 2 per cent royalty on record sales , the artist is left with a royalty of only 10 per cent split between the members of the band .
11 By the late 1960s only 10 per cent did not .
12 Only 10 per cent of the 20 million annual ambulance journeys are emergencies .
13 Only 10 per cent of the 20 million annual ambulance journeys are emergencies .
14 Only 10 per cent of the 20 million annual ambulance journeys are emergencies .
15 In only 10 per cent of cases did social work or police ‘ discover ’ the problem on their own although they are the main carriers of the interrogative role .
16 Fifty per cent of cases involving three or more links were rated by social workers and police officers as ‘ poor communication ’ compared with only 10 per cent in cases of two links or less .
17 Given this array of serious offences committed by the AEC sample it is not surprising that the average number of previous convictions was seven , with only 10 per cent having no previous convictions compared with 28 per cent who had ten or more .
18 The trial was halted after one year instead of the planned three after 20 per cent of patients taking only zidovudine died compared with only 10 per cent of those taking a ‘ cocktail ’ of zidovudine and acyclovir .
19 In December 1989 Greenpeace consultants suggested that by 1993 power station emissions would again reach 1980 levels and overall emissions would fall not 22 per cent as the government predicted , but only 10 per cent .
20 Only 10 per cent are published by the big research institutes .
21 All the same , if we turn the figures about and look at them from the point of view of the older generation themselves , we still find that in early modern England only 10 per cent of sixty-year-olds were living with their married children or grandchildren .
22 In early modern England the proportion of solitary 65-year-olds was only 10 per cent , while in the mid-nineteenth century it came as low as 7.5 .
23 Many sixth-formers , of course , left a maintained school to go on to universities , but only 10 per cent of these went to Oxford or Cambridge , compared with nearly half of the university-bound sixth-formers from the Public Schools .
24 Gets as far as this : Migration of Sperms : ‘ Approximately 400 million sperms are present in each ejaculation … if only 10 per cent of the sperms reach the cervical canal a total of approximately 40 million sperms will have reached this favourable haven .
25 No wonder only 10 per cent of American adults have a valid passport ; why bother to go abroad when you have all this at home .
26 According to the DHSS , in 1982 , only 10 per cent had an income above the average for working families and , at the same time , only 20 per cent of working families had incomes below the average pensioner income .
27 For example , if only 10 per cent of crime is recorded in the statistics , but this nevertheless accurately reflects the full range of crime and criminals , then the statistics would provide a representative sample .
28 Third , only a small proportion of those leaving the cities moved to new towns , perhaps only 10 per cent .
29 The new jobs that do arrive are not usually taken by locals — only 10 per cent of jobs on the Isle of Dogs have gone to locals ( Tym and Partners , 1987 ) .
30 The best-informed guess from those collecting ‘ yellow card ’ adverse reaction reports has long been that at most only 10 per cent of serious reactions , including death , and considerably less than 1 per cent of mild reactions come to the CSM 's notice .
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