Example sentences of "[adj] days ' [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The officer in command of a military unit which in July 1986 burned to death a photographer , Rodrigo Rojas de Negri , and severely burned his colleague , Carmen Quintana Arancibia [ see p. 34985 ] was in August 1989 condemned to 300 days ' imprisonment by a military court .
2 If not urgent , two clear days ' notice is required but is often waived .
3 Ten clear days ' notice of the meeting will be given in writing to all persons concerned .
4 An order to transfer may be made by the court on its own motion , or on the application of any party on not less than two clear days ' notice ( Ord 16 , r 4(1) ) .
5 The proper officer on receipt of the relevant documents sends notice of hearing ( N 272 ) or pre-trial review ( N 273 ) by post to the parties , the court giving not less than 21 clear days ' notice ( Ord 16 , r 6(1) ) .
6 The application must state the grounds of the application and should be made to the judge or district judge who tried the proceedings and ( save with leave ) not more than 14 days after the trial and on not less than seven clear days ' notice to the opposite party .
7 The routine for a haulier offering 30 days ' credit might look like this :
8 Barnicoats is offering an extra 30 days ' credit on orders exceeding £500 placed in January from its 1993 Travel Catalogue .
9 Trade terms will be 35% discount on orders of two copies or more per title , 20% on single title orders ; 30 days ' credit for orders of two or more copies per title , but single copy orders should be accompanied with payment by cheque .
10 Ali Haxhiu , a 45-year-old Albanian refugee in the village of Sazli , was sentenced to 30 days ' imprisonment in May 1991 after making a ‘ V ’ for victory sign in the presence of two policemen in a café .
11 In the course of the sequestration proceedings in the sheriff court he was sentenced to 30 days ' imprisonment for contempt of court , because he had entered the licensed premises and interfered with the management thereof after giving an undertaking that he would not do so .
12 An East German parliamentary committee yesterday dismissed a draft travel law , saying that the 30 days ' travel to be granted a year in no way met people 's expectations .
13 Peers are asked if they wish to be granted ‘ leave of absence ’ and , if they do not reply in the negative , are expected not to attend without giving 30 days ' notice of intention to do so .
14 Available from Abbey National ( Overseas ) are Offshore Plus , an instant access sterling account ; Offshore 90 also in sterling but requiring 90 days ' notice of withdrawal ; and Offshore Double Eagle , a US dollar deposit account where withdrawals are subject to 30 days ' notice .
15 He has devised a vitamin and mineral supplement called Ultra-Detoxi for the Nature 's Best brand : £16.50 for 30 days ' supply .
16 Strathaven-based Yuill and Dodds , which was due to have its licence suspended for seven days from midnight on Sunday , has been given 49 days ' grace to decide whether to appeal against the decision .
17 could you put me in touch ? ’ 'Sorry he 'll be back from America in a few days ' bingo .
18 The single-cell layer of the wall will lie in such a way that it is in contact with the mother 's blood supply , burrowing into the capillaries ( thread-like blood vessels ) to obtain nutrition via the mother 's blood — only the first few days ' nutrition comes from within the blastocyst itself .
19 And surely , nobody in his right mind would take a few days ' vacation and miss out on the opportunity of selling his own plans and proposals to the President of the Corporation ?
20 More to the point , the affair earned Owen a few days ' breathing space .
21 ‘ I think everyone is probably making far too much fuss , and Angela has just taken off for a few days ' holiday . ’
22 Sometimes , of course , it can work the other way round ; I recall a woman , going through a difficult time with her husband , returning after a few days ' holiday to find that he had swept and cleaned the house from top to bottom .
23 She 'd been spending a few days ' holiday in Sicily , with her friends Penny and Devlin .
24 With perfect bad timing Inge , the au pair , had left that very morning on a few days ' holiday , and tomorrow was Nettie the housekeeper 's day off .
25 It was a great relief when she arrived at Lomond View to discover that the only person there was Inge , looking rosy-cheeked and happy after her few days ' holiday .
26 Henry Tyler had had an unexpected few days ' leave and had descended on his married sister and her husband in the small market town of Berebury in Calleshire without a great deal of warning .
27 Some time during the few days ' leave , when talking about my life — not work , of course — at Bletchley , I must rashly have let slip the fact that occasionally I was tired .
28 L Detachment was thus judged ready for operations , and to wind down were given a few days ' leave to be spent in Cairo .
29 Sarah had a few days ' leave while Joe was home and Maureen suggested , while Anne and her father were present , that Joe took Sarah out sometimes .
30 She wrote that she would prefer not to come home , but Tony and Maureen got a few days ' leave and travelled to Kent to see her .
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