Example sentences of "[noun] over a period " in BNC.

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1 The particular contribution of the teaching of French to pupils ' perceptions will be explored through observation by a researcher based in the two schools over a period of at least six months .
2 The probes were connected to a portable recorder ( Digitrapper — Synectics Medical , Sweden ) capable of holding data from two channels over a period of 24 hours .
3 Davies v. Sumner is the leading authority on the meaning of the expression ‘ in the course of a business ’ and has been followed in a case under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 , R. & B. Customs Brokers v. United Dominion Trust , where it was held that a business 's buying of two or three cars over a period of five years was an insufficient degree of regularity for the latest such purchase to be regarded as made in the course of the business ( see paragraph 10–18 above . )
4 The rural development centre CEPROR ( Centro de Romocion Rural ) ran special courses for young women , Sister Asuncion , who was in charge of the programme over a period of two years ( 1975–7 ) , helped train approximately 2.000 young women in community work .
5 They have an album of photos showing the house at different stages of completion over a period of 18 months .
6 Similarly , slow learners are allowed to continue their foreign language study over a period of three or four years in order to master one or two levels .
7 The aim of the research is to arrive at an interdisciplinary understanding of particular cases by intensive study over a period of time , using both flexible interviews and questionnaires ; and by the incorporation of survey data and through theoretical interpretation to generalise to wider organisational and occupational areas .
8 In this thesis he describes a meticulous dietary study over a period of several years at the Juliana Children 's Hospital in a patient with coeliac disease , which started in 1936 !
9 The practical effect of this wording is that for a claim to be covered the casualty must be reasonably attributable to an identifiable accident the source of which is external to the craft — thus the craft filling with water on its moorings over a period of weeks and then foundering would not be covered .
10 ‘ What would have been Britain 's level of development had millions of them been put to work as slaves outside of their homeland over a period of four centuries ? ’ asks Guyanese professor of history Walter Rodney .
11 SAYS Kinsey : ‘ What we have seen in newspaper editorials and in political speeches over a period of time , is a latching on to the problem of crime and a series of assertions about the so-called welfare-dependent underclass .
12 Good examples of activities to maintain motivation are collecting inspiring dieting case histories from slimming magazines ; going out to buy a dress one size smaller than your present size ; looking at charts and graphs that show good overall weight loss over a period of time .
13 But then , there can be no difference between producing x units over a period at one site and unc units for half the period at that site followed by unc at another site for the rest of the period .
14 He said it would change and tone a man in three five-minute sessions over a period of a week .
15 For example , it is clear from work with an English- and Punjabi-speaking family in Newcastle upon Tyne , where a young white woman carried out modified participant observation sessions over a period of several months , that no male , regardless of age or ethnicity , would be allowed into the house ( Scothern 1985 ) .
16 Erm we also wanted to implement a plan er and this is an ongoing er situation of admitting er young blood to the partnership over a period of of erm five years or so , again that 's a rolling programme
17 There is no obligation to buy any books over a period of time .
18 Dr Theo Angelov , President of the Baptist Union of Bulgaria , addressed the Wednesday evening rally on ‘ People to People in Europe ’ , when he told us of faithful Christian witness over a period of 40 years by many in his country living through extreme conditions and hardships under Communist rule .
19 Itzhak Shamir , the Prime Minister and Likud leader , announced at the end of a Cabinet meeting on Dec. 31 that he was dismissing Weizmann from the Cabinet , claiming that Weizmann had maintained contacts with the PLO over a period of time .
20 The Manor was an important landmark during the annual and ancient custom called the ‘ perambulation of Purton ’ , during Rogation Tide in May , when a large procession , headed by the clergyman , would beat the bounds over a period of two days .
21 This gives judicial support to the view that financial statements have a limited useful life ( of less than 15 months ) and depreciate in usefulness over a period of time .
22 He noted however that few computer-based circulation systems include as standard features the ability to cumulate data over a period of years , or to analyse the data as required , so that much in-house development of existing systems was necessary .
23 Inserts to b and c show the changes expected in the Pb isotopic composition of a model array of data over a period of 130Myr with μ ( 238 U/ 204 Pb ) values comparable to those found in the erupted basalts .
24 As it happens , there is a substantial engine refurbishment contract in the offing which ( although tenders have not yet been invited ) promises to bring someone several tens of millions of pounds in revenue over a period of a few years .
25 He admitted ten charges of possessing and supplying cannabis and speed over a period of a year .
26 The Medical Correspondent of the UK Sunday Times reported in May 1990 that the anti-oestrogen drug , tamoxifen , used for several years to treat women actually suffering from breast-cancer , is now to be tested on 30,000 human subjects over a period of five years to assess its potential as a preventative of the disease in healthy women .
27 The third method of issue involves the Bank of England taking stock on to its own books and then selling this as a tap stock over a period of time in day-to-day dealings with GEMMs .
28 The main advantage of panels is that they provide feedback over a period of time , which increases the reliability of their responses compared with people who may have been stopped for a brief interview outside their local supermarket , for example .
29 The results of these labours over a period of fifty years were many papers and five influential books , the last two of which were completed by his son .
30 Most funding agencies are , understandably , unwilling to take on a commitment to pay for research over a period of perhaps twenty years or more .
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