Example sentences of "[noun] happen to be " in BNC.

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1 Yes I think it 's fair to say at the moment that , that , that is being looked at Mr Trotter , together with er the broader range of issues on the er the operating concept er for E F two thousand but it is of course standard practice to buy not just the number you need for the front line but to buy sufficient aircraft to keep that front line in field for about twenty five , thirty years , whatever the life of the aircraft happens to be , taking account of er attrition , taking account of training requirements and engineering needs and support needs and all that kind of thing and all that work er is , has been done , is being done at the moment and er final figures will be put to that in in due course .
2 The advantage of using a switch which is either completely off or completely on over any form of variable resistance as in linear supplies , is that no power is dissipated in this sort of control element , whatever the load requirements are or whatever the voltage developed across the switch happens to be .
3 There are many possible ways in which one may incur tortious liability through the instrumentality of an animal under one 's control , but the fact that the agent happens to be animate rather than inanimate is immaterial , for while the common law , like other legal systems , developed special or additional rules of liability for animals , it did not deny the applicability to them of the general law .
4 He drew a deep breath , then said with a faint curl to his lip , ‘ Lucy happens to be my stepmother 's niece . ’
5 ‘ In any case , Lucy happens to be someone who is more than just staff — as you put it .
6 Bribes to officials are part of the culture of some areas of the world ( and therefore necessary to obtain business ) , yet US citizens are forbidden by law to offer bribes to officials of foreign governments , no matter where in the world the citizen happens to be at the time .
7 Erm Napoleon happens to be it 's king and and it is very much a client of France .
8 My reason for being there was that this particular bit of coast happens to be the northern end of the Offa 's Dyke footpath , which winds for 168 miles along the English/Welsh border to Chepstow .
9 Thus the familiar tu/vous type of distinction in singular pronouns of address ( which , following Brown & Gilman ( 1960 ) , we shall call T/V pronouns ) is really a referent honorific system , where the referent happens to be the addressee .
10 The ‘ w ’ key happens to be beside the ‘ e ’ key and my finger happening to have struck it once , then struck it once more .
11 ‘ Well , this Meredith happens to be female , all the bits between the woolly hat and brown brogues , ’ she said wrily .
12 Sometimes you will not mind this too much : the freedom to shoot in whatever light happens to be available can outweigh these shortcomings .
13 The orientation of the rolls will depend on whatever small perturbations happen to be present as the temperature difference is raised .
14 The words happened to be the first I could enunciate .
15 And the words happened to be so very true …
16 Is that what it is– ’ Or if I was to see the doctor and my girlfriend happened to be seeing the doctor as well , this was just an excuse , according to them , for us to be together .
17 The boaters happened to be Russell Train , who ran the Federal Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) in Washington , just 50 km to the west , and Senator Charles Mac Mathias of the state of Maryland , which shares with Virginia the bay 's 13 000 km of shoreline .
18 The ions in water and blood happen to be in the critical mass range .
19 Numerous such accidents happened whilst igniting , for if the slow fuze happened to be not so slow , or the miner inadvertently touched the straw with his candle , then he might have but a few impossible seconds to make good his escape .
20 The church had been chosen simply because its priest happened to be a friend of Eliot 's solicitor , who was also " best man " .
21 Not surprisingly , their most fanatical fan happened to be Steven Morrissey .
22 Secondly , the pooling system for higher education expenditure amongst local authorities was one which protected those authorities in which the newly-designated polytechnics happened to be situated .
23 Especially if the wheel happened to be hers .
24 Hoomey , in the next desk , was yawning , having sat up late to watch the horror film , and had a comic open on his desk which he was reading whenever his eyes happened to be open .
25 As the chief location of tin mining , conditions confirm that an abundance of cheap labour tended to stimulate industrial growth , although naturally mineral extraction has to be carried on where the workable reserves happen to be located , using imported labour if necessary , as , it would seem , was precisely what was done in Penwith .
26 The ringing in his ears happened to be a bare half tone below the key in which he hummed music to himself .
27 It depends what speakers happen to be talking about .
28 The Guardian asked : ‘ If the police practice is to strike obstructive demonstrators on the legs , as Mr Craig claims , how did heads happen to be bleeding ? ’
29 If the magnetic field happens to be larger at one side than at the other side , then the beam will be deflected towards the weaker field which makes the field even weaker , etc. , leading to the so-called kink instability ( Fig. 3.3(b) ) .
30 It 's just — ’ here he shot a glance at Sarella ‘ — my heart happens to be engaged elsewhere . ’
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