Example sentences of "[noun] which happen to " in BNC.

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1 Eighth , do n't expect to get any sort of sensible answers from a company who sells computers which happen to be capable of being used for desktop publishing .
2 So we entered a genteel teashoppe/cafe which happened to be handy and ordered coffee , as so often before .
3 Thus both knowledge and the learner are viewed as discrete entities which happen to be in one or another state of being , rather than as sets of dynamic and unstable processes .
4 It 's just a graph of a function which happens to be a straight line .
5 She did not actually concentrate on the birds which happened to be there , nor did she feel any desire to feel them or encourage them to come near her — but she was quite able to relax knowing that they were there in the background .
6 As I understand it the Cleveland structure plan proposes the same number of dwellings for erm its next period which happens to be fourteen years , as it did for the last fourteen of the of the previous structure plan , fifteen thousand seven hundred .
7 The draft letter to Katkov merely claims that crimes like this fictional one can be found in the newspapers , and that the fictional murderer has come under the influence of certain half-baked ideas which happen to be in the air at the time .
8 The one major event which happened to me at Binbrook , and which was going to change my life , was that I met the man I was eventually to marry , although a lot of water would flow under the bridge before the wedding took place .
9 The opportunities to learn from experience are greatly increased if the normal everyday things which happen to you are supplemented by extra experiences that you create .
10 We can not do everything in a very limited time , so we must select what is essential on the fairest and most comprehensive basis possible : that is , what we think may help pupils to cope with , and make decisions about , things which happen to them — at any age and at any level ; and also what will encourage responsibility concerning the effects they themselves have on others .
11 In conclusion , I feel that the basic things which happen to the boys on the island would apply to girls also but would come about in a way both more slow and less physically violent , yet I have an idea that the scars left on the minds of girls who have been on an island together in Lord of the Flies circumstances may well be deeper and longer-lasting than those of boys in the same situation .
12 Are you , the haulier , agreeing , for example , to supply a particular vehicle for haulage or to supply any lorry which happens to be available at the time the contract needs to be undertaken ?
13 Is there any reason to suppose that individual decisions on family size will result in an average which happens to be the replacement rate ?
14 My hon. Friends and I feel justified in asking for a special debate to call attention to the ridiculous fact that , at Humberstone , which is part of the EDDR route , a mile of new road costing £1.5 million has stood finished and unopened for over a year , while the county and city councils argue about a proposed route by the side of the clinic on Scraptoft lane through a recreation area which happens to be owned by the city council .
15 And what I mean by that is for example er a pan like that we can buy for a quid which happens to be a .
16 Now we 're part of government policy which happens to be hear no evil see no evil … one bloody monkey 's enough if he 's in the top job .
17 If you try to do the sums and ask could you do all those changes simply by sort of species going one way and the other relative to these changes erm in their origins and then those species which happen to be in the right direction being selection by some kind of species selection , I think the answer is you just ca n't make the sums add up right .
18 Although this appeal is only the third case ever brought by a local authority to come before the courts , not only are there numerous local authorities , we were also provided with a list of government departments which happen to be bodies corporate and would , on the argument of Mr. Newman for the council , equally have the right to sue for libel .
19 Schedule 1 , which contains the ‘ working languages ’ of the European Community , includes those minority community languages of Britain which happen to be the mother-tongues of members of the white population e.g. Italian , Spanish and Portuguese .
20 ‘ If there 's a protected species of plant at the top of relatively new routes which happen to be of good quality , then we 've got a really complex problem to manage , ’ Bill Wright commented , ‘ but if it 's just cotton grass , then the damage done by agricultural pesticides is probably much greater . ’
21 And there , as someone else said , erm earlier , organizing their party , the day of their life which happens to be also their wedding day , and those sort of parties are far more fun to work at than the far more stilted family affairs that do happen for younger people .
22 The planning of operations by those who are going to carry them out , obviates delay and misunderstandings which happen to be caused by intermediate stages , and makes for the speed of execution which in any operation of this kind is an incalculable asset .
23 Yet in most countries there is continuing concern about the number of patients who develop a hospital-acquired infection quite unrelated to the reason for their admission ; about the accidents which happen to patients while they are in hospital ; about the perennial danger of fire in hospitals ; and about the dangers associated with the use of prescribed drugs in hospital .
24 Detective Sergeant Brian Jackson was driving through the more prosperous part of Long Eaton , a village on the outskirts of Nottingham which happened to be just over the Derbyshire border .
25 In 1795–6 , for example , the member of parliament for the county of Angus found himself much concerned with the fate of a piece of crown land which happened to be situated within the plantation lands in the island of St Vincent belonging to Patrick Cruickshank of Stracathro , one of the Angus freeholders .
26 The last sentence of each of ( 3 ) and ( 4 ) is structurally ambiguous between putting some biscuits into a bowl which happens to be on the floor , and putting some biscuits , which happen to be in a bowl , on the floor .
27 A gradual change or deterioration of each of the body 's systems which happens to everyone between childhood and old age .
28 There was an especially rapid growth of the textile industry in these towns which happened to be on the coalfield where the cost of transporting fuel was small .
29 Those in : ( 30 ) an eager student a poor liar a lousy saint ( with the latter having here its informal sense of imperfect ) are perhaps best considered as ordinary ascriptives which happen to be relativistic adjectives , so that their range of interpretation will vary according to the type of thing assumed to be described .
30 Any significant stroke or head injury which happens to a person within a marriage , friendship or family situation alters your possible future plans as well as your day-to-day life .
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