Example sentences of "[was/were] scatter [prep] [art] [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 Gandhi 's ashes were scattered on the waters of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers at Allahabad on May 28 in a ceremony that marked the end of the funeral service .
2 Paper streamers like coiled fuses were scattered between the plates and wine bottles .
3 Only between twenty and thirty guests were left and they were scattered about the gardens like so much confetti .
4 Burning lumps of phosphorus jelly were scattered amongst the containers , forming a foreground that was blinding .
5 Through the holes in the side of the Hongkong Banking Group building in Bishopsgate , papers fluttered on desks , books were scattered around the rooms .
6 He wrote ‘ Michael Ramsey 's Monthly Message ’ for the Cambridgeshire Liberal Magazine , which thereafter was scattered among the villagers .
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