Example sentences of "[was/were] scatter [prep] [art] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Wheels and parts of the cars ' undercarriage were scattered along the track as rescue workers struggled to pull survivors from the wreckage of the train in the Amsterdam suburb of Hoofddorp .
2 A new water tower stood sentinel and only two or three tents were scattered outside the perimeter of a newly erected wire fence .
3 Threads were scattered on the surface and flour and sand trodden in to simulate dust and grit ( a major cause of wear ) and the cleaner 's overall efficiency was recorded .
4 His ashes were scattered on the course and his bonds given to the Club .
5 Passengers ' baggage had spilled out of the hold and burst suitcases , charred books , swimming costumes and tubes of sun tan cream were scattered on the ground .
6 A few sections of rail were lying on the bottom , several more were scattered on the ground and one was propped against the end of the trailer as if whoever had been in the act of loading or unloading had abandoned it in a hurry .
7 He followed me round to the jetty where Laura 's clothes were scattered across the lawn .
8 Rubble and bloodstained corpses were scattered across the dockside , and acrid smoke from burning oil filled the air .
9 Scamp turned to reach down into one of the boxes of groceries that were scattered over the floor but I did n't see what he was after as Nevil was lifting me up by the shoulders .
10 While a large number of the items taken from Germany are held in special State-run storage facilities and are easy to work with , the majority of works removed from Russia were scattered over the world in the post-war period ’ .
11 ‘ Then she flew high over the site of Callanish above the men and the fallen bodies of her kind which were scattered over the site .
12 Even so , pyramid-shaped stone bases for medium-sized double-axes survive in the Labyrinth , proving that double-axes were scattered about the building , like crucifixes in a church .
13 Dining chairs were scattered about the room ; there was a battered filing cabinet with a bulging , open drawer next to a massive sideboard with a marble top .
14 The Easter egg , overcome by heat , too much food , and an excess of wine , had to go and stand outside the door for a little fresh air , but came back full of verve and ready to tackle some of Willi 's bonbons that were scattered about the room in dishes in case anyone felt the need of more to eat .
15 A few miles from Huntspill , in the hamlet of Shurton , lived Henry Poole , a fellow student of Coleridge 's at Jesus College , and one member of a large and talented family whose various branches were scattered through a number of local villages .
16 Instead of these days being taken together in the spring when the estimates were published , ‘ supply days ’ were scattered throughout the session so that the Opposition , which is allowed to choose the subjects , could always have some time available should it wish to raise some immediate aspect of government policy .
17 Griffith seems to have supposed that the cracks which he thought existed were scattered throughout the interior of the glass and were perhaps a consequence of a failure of the molecules inside the glass to join up completely when the glass hardened .
18 Whereas previously the exhibition sites for the participating countries were scattered throughout the city , this year the entire show will be housed in the Feshane , a nineteenth-century fez factory which the Italian architect Gae Aulenti is converting into Istanbul 's first museum of contemporary art the Nejat Eczacibasi Museum .
19 The farmland remained but pit villages , with rows of terraced houses for the miners , were scattered throughout the region .
20 Mr Robson told Cleveland Coroner Michael Sheffield the telephone was off the hook and things were scattered around the room .
21 These new powers , however , were buttressed by substantial grants of land , which led one chronicler to remark that the resources of the crown had been dissipated and a modern historian to comment rather sourly that ‘ hereditary offices and jurisdictions were scattered in a way hardly compatible either with the interests of the crown , or with sound finance ’ .
22 Sarah was allowed to dust and polish in Mr Bradford 's rooms , a duty given only to trusted servants since it meant moving many of his important papers , but when she went in there after her return she dropped one of his boxes and everything was scattered over the carpet .
23 A motley collection of tawdry items was scattered over an area at least four feet square .
24 Second-hand machinery was scattered around the yard with new parts and modifications arriving daily .
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