Example sentences of "[vb pp] all over the country " in BNC.

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1 The recently launched G M B , T and G information pack on the acquired rights directive has been well received all over the country and a revised pack is available here at Congress today , giving negotiators and stewards the latest information and arguments to use to protect members ' jobs and conditions .
2 Savings groups were formed all over the country and children ran their own campaigns in schools .
3 Liz Clifton the gallery organiser says the work is very skilled and they 've looked all over the country to find things .
4 The most that could be offered would be autonomous areas within regional self-government ‘ towards which members of the respective nationalities , scattered all over the country or even all over the world , would gravitate and with which they could enter into relations and free associations ’ — some measure of accommodation to Bauerism .
5 The first 20 live closest to the hospital that is to do the transplant , the next 20 are somewhat further afield and the remainder are scattered all over the country .
6 The majority of the deaf and dumb were still leading wretched and isolated lives , scattered all over the country singly or in small groups , untouched by change and ignorant of the world at large .
7 It reveals all that has been said in the many policy launches and the speeches that have been made all over the country .
8 By 1800 the new Shorthorn was Britain 's tallest breed , the bulls standing 152cm at the withers ; the famous Durham Ox was 165cm tall and weighed 3,024 pounds as a five-year-old in 1801 when it was exhibited all over the country , remaining a star travelling showpiece until it dislocated its hip in 1807 .
9 They 're drawn to her eccentric style and now her work is exhibited all over the country .
10 oh , right oh then , she said it 's been done all over the country
11 Will he assure the House that the new planning practice guidance that he is to issue will give planners teeth , and not just false teeth , to deal with the unauthorised developments being built all over the country ?
12 After we finish we have an interview with JBTV ; a local cable music show which is broadcast all over the country .
13 Although it 's more expensive than the regional wines , it is sold all over the country .
14 PE inspector Alan Bell told county councillors that the good practice they saw influenced their draft report to education secretary Kenneth Clarke , so Durham 's guidelines are now being used all over the country .
15 These circumstances are mirrored all over the country and are linked with the lack of a firm policy framework at school , local authority and national level .
16 I am happy to add my voice to that of the hon. Gentleman to ensure that the facility is understood all over the country .
17 The publicity he gave to the idea in his paper was taken up by other newspapers and the example of Gloucester was followed all over the country .
18 ‘ We are told that unless we make peace with these noblemen , candidates are to be run all over the country .
19 They 're spread all over the country , which is why I have to travel so much and why the Consulate had difficulty tracing me . ’
20 We 've got 37,000 members who are spread all over the country .
21 sort of bred all over the country ?
22 And this is happened all over the country , each area are doing the same thing and all of this this er produce this declaration of intent and ask the , the head of the er council to put it to their members and get the support of their members .
23 Twelve months later , this user 's experience is being repeated all over the country , sometimes intentionally .
24 In nineteen forty two The Lady proudly announced that the president of the Board of Trade had cut his large bath towels in half and he hoped his sacrifice would be repeated all over the country .
25 If you can not make this , do n't worry , as it will be repeated all over the country on a weekly basis .
26 How can the Secretary of State reconcile that experience , which is being replicated all over the country , with the experience of Mr. Watson ?
27 The poem you 're about to hear is one that 's recited all over the country on Remembrance Day — the fourth verse , in particular , you 'll hear recited on its own or see inscribed on war memorials .
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