Example sentences of "[coord] [pers pn] is generally accepted " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Very serious grounds are needed to infringe anonymity , and it is generally accepted even by the Swedish judiciary that the public 's right to be informed takes precedence over law and order considerations , ’ said Ms Frances D'Souza , director of Article 19 , the International Campaign against Censorship .
2 In 1912 Edison introduced the compatible ‘ Blue Amberol ’ records made of an even tougher plastic ; and it is generally accepted that Blue Amberols had a better , higher fidelity performance than any other medium before the First World War .
3 Consumer public relations depends on using to the full this part of the media and it is generally accepted that any consultant working in this field will have contacts within the appropriate media .
4 There are no rules defining the distinction between runners and strips , but it is generally accepted that a runner is relatively large ( halfway or corridor size ) , whereas a strip is rarely more than .
5 Many diverse schools still come from Okinawa , but it is generally accepted that the mainstay of much of the karate that is practised in the world today is the original shotokan style , brought from Okinawa to Japan by karate 's modern-day founder and innovator , Gichin Funakoshi .
6 A clear waiver of subrogation rights issued by the insurers is obviously preferred , but it is generally accepted that the noting of interests will have the same effect , although there is no guarantee of this .
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