Example sentences of "[unc] [noun sg] of [noun] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 An in vivo uptake of polypeptides by the human enterocytes has not been demonstrated previously , and the zonula occludens ( tight junction ) between the cells is usually considered impermeable to macromolecules in man under physiological conditions .
2 This pathway was originally thought to be important only in those tissues lacking ADH , such as the heart , but a recent study has shown in vivo formation of FAEEs in the liver and pancreas during ethanol exposure .
3 Er our only problem is that some of our housing is concentrated in rather large blocks , and that does put pressure looking for v var variety of sites in the county and we are erm getting a lot of objection for some potential development sites in our area at the present moment .
4 The er mass of lines in the Nottingham area , and so on .
5 When we talk about paradoxical conflict , we can expect the conflict at the margins we , in other , if we made er , if we made er kind of diagram of the parents ' self interest in providing parental investment and the offspring 's self interest in demanding parental investment , we find that there are large areas of overlap .
6 The loss on the sale of the business er various selling purchased expenses , loss of the profit , potential profit on their home , , the cost of borrowing er loss of earnings of the plaintiffs , loss on surrender of insurance policies er and er then some unspecified sums relating to pension and credit worthiness and ill health and loss of business My Lord those er headings are taken from and dealt with in er , much more detail in the report prepared by the expert 's accountant Mr for the er plaintiffs which is of course in the erm bundle C the third bundle .
7 anything bad you can get a good run then you , you just get a bad er run of carpets of the weaving
8 There 's a tremendous er community of purpose amongst the groups , we 've very much enjoyed working together , it 's been one of the most fun things I 've done in politics , er and I think that all the other young people on the committee agree .
9 The 240-mile road exists as yet only in the form of a feasibility study , conducted by an ad hoc group of consultants under the banner of EACO-Route , on behalf of industry and local authorities .
10 Erm also there was no er reference to er the er er frequency of reports at the bottom of the er bottom of the sheet .
11 I 've scoured the the technical professional press to find out if there is some general statement which sums up what sustainability means , and the one which I 've seen most commonly referred to , I think , and the government has used it in this way , is a requirement to ensure the needs of the present generation are met in a way which does not prejudice future generations , now I do not believe that a properly conceived and located new settlement is any less sustainable in the long term that other forms of urban growth , and by properly conceived I 've got to say I believe that to mean properly balanced er form of development for the new settlement , and I think I would say that new settlements have usually been proposed because continued infilling , like the the normal forms of accommodating further development requirements , infill , and peripheral development , have been determined in York context not to be sustainable , the sorts of issues which arise as a result erm of additional development in or on the edge of York and the surrounding villages , problems of additional congestion , loss of green space in towns , loss of employment opportunities and so on .
12 So I usually leave a er sheet of paper on the table and if you 're , if you 're interested in getting a free brochure what I shall do at the end of the course is to send this off er together with one of the cards that they let me have and er in due time you 'll get a free Saga magazine .
13 So in a sense you are , you are in a sense almost promoting ine sort of inequalities within the countryside .
14 Associated Tunnelling Co Ltd the Employment Appeals Tribunal ( EAT ) held that the tribunal had correctly concluded that there was an implied term in Mr Jones 's contract of employment to the effect that his employer had the right to transfer him to any site within reasonable daily commuting reach of his home .
15 Nor am I convinced by Marnham 's defence of Simenon against the charge of anti-Semitism — that he was simply ‘ politically inexperienced and intellectually naive ’ .
16 In doing so I wanted not to reduce , say , Gide 's or Fanon 's defence of difference to the limiting historical conditions of its articulation — the first as merely a sexual tourist , the second as developing a homophobic theory of Negrophobia .
17 You paid a small fee you see or a small charge to have this and the your mother used to put the the dough in the tin and er a little s bit of paper with the name on it , you see with a name on it and that used to go in to the oven .
18 Meanwhile , Coventry City manager Bobby Gould has slammed West Bromwich Albion 's board of directors as the row over his banning from The Hawthorns rumbles on .
19 COVENTRY CITY manager Bobby Gould has slammed West Bromwich Albion 's board of directors as the row over his banning from The Hawthorns rumbles on .
20 According to a report presented on June 14 by the AMA 's Board of Trustees at the organisation 's annual meeting in Chicago , the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution severely restricts the US government 's power to set prices or to limit an individual 's spending .
21 In 1927 Variety 's judgement of Rose of the Tenements was that ‘ New York 's pictorially hackneyed East Side ’ had been used as the setting for ‘ a drab colourless presentation offering little in either entertainment or box office value ’ , and that family problems had not been ‘ dramatized to an extent where the mob can be made to forget the obvious ordinary scheme of things ’ .
22 England 's change of captaincy since the end of the summer and the make-up of their various winter tour squads suggests a belief a that hard work is the first component in the rehabilitation plan .
23 Both appeared to be insuperable problems until the evening when Clarissa 's change of plan for the sixth or seventh time put a pattern into perspective .
24 So Protestant opinions had not been silenced by Arran 's change of heart after the initial heady days of 1543 ; and the Rough Wooing had not broken the link between the English and the hopes of Scottish Protestants .
25 Labour 's change of policy on the European Community puts it in a strong position to argue that economic and industrial decisions are increasingly likely to be made on a European basis and it is essential that Britain plays a more constructive role .
26 One suspects that this may have been due to a sense of betrayal , when Duke Philip of Burgundy 's change of policy in the mid 1430s turned Flanders into a hostile country instead of an ally , and partly to the closeness of past commercial ties , when the wool trade had linked the two lands in any uneasy partnership .
27 A former Methodist minister from Victoria and a leading member of the ALP 's left wing , Howe 's appointment was widely interpreted as a reward for the left 's support of Hawke in the leadership contest .
28 Mubarak confirmed that Assad was now willing to renew contact with Yassir Arafat , chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization ( PLO ) , but stated that many obstacles still remained to prevent an early reconciliation between Assad and Iraq 's President Saddam Hussein , between whom a bitter personal rift existed due to Syria 's support of Iran in the Gulf War .
29 These include : ratings of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with housework , child-care , marriage , employment work and life generally ; an assessment of the women 's level of identification with the housewife role , and the level of definition applied to housework standards and routines ; an assessment of the marriage relationship as ‘ segregated ’ or ‘ joint ’ on the two dimensions of leisure activities and decision-making , and , lastly , an assessment of the husband 's part in the division of labour as reported by his wife .
30 But has proposed that NASA spend an additional $ 550 million over the next four years on civil aviation research , raising the government 's level of support beyond the limit if , as seems likely , sales remain stagnant .
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