Example sentences of "[modal v] [verb] been for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The cry should have been for real money , the only means by which genuine choice can be exercised and discrimination on the basis of age eliminated .
2 IT WAS a case of what might have been for Scottish trio Cathy Panton-Lewis , Julie Forbes and Gillian Stewart in the opening round of the Republic of China Open at Chang Gung in Taipei yesterday .
3 What little opportunity there might have been for careful integration , had been lost .
4 A predisposition to stress such as that apparently suffered by the accused in the present case might fall foul of this restriction and it may have been for this reason that the Court of Appeal preferred to regard the case as one which might have been disposed of under section 78 had not the trial judge wrongly taken the view that that section also requires some misconduct on the part of the police .
5 In fact they are no more adequate for primitive societies than they would have been for any others .
6 ‘ If any courses were run they would have been for trained staff like enrolled or staff nurses .
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