Example sentences of "[be] [conj] it [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 yeah there 's a muse th th there 's a museum at Carne in Normandy , I do n't know if anyone 's been there , we went there last year , and it , it 's a new museum , a memorial museum and that 's the most moving place I 've ever been because it 's actually designed to show how awful war is and that it should n't happen again , it 's not a museum glorifying war , it 's a museum showing that , that it should n't happen , we should n't let it happen and there 's a erm there 's a great big case as you go in which has er a statement from every country that took part in the war , including Germany , and they 're all there , they 're all there together saying that you should n't you should n't let it happen and , and and I , I thought that was the sort o you know i i it was very impressive because i it was n't glorifying anybody , it was n't saying we won the war , you lost the war it was it was a , a coming together to say that it should n't happen .
2 She started to go , and then turned back , saying cheerily , " Just think how nice it will be when it 's all finished with , " and then she actually added , " Well , I must go and feed my puss-puss now , or she 'll be ever so cross . "
3 Whether it is or it is n't does n't matter what does matter is its ' performance and to test this you have to fit the device .
4 And course we 're doing a lot of counting today this wrist is a you know I do n't mind that you see what did that wrist was that elbow I had to have a second operation on it , in the arm up here because er I had to have some bone taken away in the elbow course it stretched guiders but they also erm disturbed the wrist joint because it was in plaster like that stretched round and disturbed the wrist joint and I ke it 's it weakened it and it 's only just it 's only just this what last nine months that it 's that it 's really started to effect this but I know what it is that 's because I keep going out doing the odd jobs
5 The third aspect of the egalitarian feminist address to sex differences psychology is that it is increasingly trying to take the diversity of these differences into account .
6 One of the most important aspects of deixis is that it is invariably distinguished by its use .
7 If there 's one thing that is clear about desktop publishing it is that it is NOT publishing , a fact that often seems to escape those who sell it .
8 Its great merit is that it is not confined to particular activities , and therefore has an across-the-board application to different sources of endangerment .
9 Perhaps its most important aspect is that it is not confined to a particular region .
10 What worries me is that it is not going to end there .
11 I thought driving up today would have been a good day but the reality is that it is not going to start until Easter time .
12 The problem with Channel 5 is that it is not lying empty , like a new motorway just waiting for somebody to cut the ribbon .
13 The problem in Europe is that it is already becoming difficult to decide where ultimately authority does reside .
14 A second advantage of the approach is that it is largely confined to observable empirical phenomena .
15 She says : ‘ People have a very cliched view of the middle East , but my impression , having been to three or four Arab countries , is that it is grossly misrepresented in the western press .
16 ‘ What people never take into account about the M25 is that it is also designed as a defence barrier against an invading force .
17 The real problem with formal education is that it is n't meant to make everyone almost equally successful .
18 The first point is that it is generally recognized that ritual tends to increase , intensify and shift in focus at times of social crisis .
19 One difference between a vintage wine and any other is that it is generally made from the grapes of only one year , rather than a blend from several .
20 A further reason is that it is commonly found that eighteen months into recovery is a particular period of disillusion and difficulty .
21 The struggle systematically to open up the domestic and intimate relations of the normal kin-based nuclear household is premised on the belief that what is chiefly at fault with the conventional family household is that it is excessively closed and rigid .
22 While it has made no formal application to offer video-on-demand to customers — the official line is that it is merely looking at the technology 's potential — it is already clear that it faces a tough task convincing regulatory bodies that it has the right to do so .
23 A feature of the jazz chord is that it is often conceived as a small and highly mobile unit .
24 NB : It is important that this is taken into account when calculating the cost of goods sold as our experience is that it is often overlooked .
25 The great defect in such writing is that it is often structured by questions of the form Who discovered such and such a fact first ? or Who first anticipated such and such a concept ?
26 The idea is that it is then recaptured , but it will now be streetwise , so to speak , and good to train for hunting .
27 One of the problems with the prison service is that it is directly driven by civil servants and largely made up of civil servants .
28 What is perhaps most remarkable about this grassland is that it is only maintained under active management even rabbits were introduced by the Normans and , although it resembles some periglacial assemblages of plants , it must have been reconstituted after the forest maximum unless there were extensive grazed glades in that period .
29 Most political analysts think Peru 's main problem is that it is deeply divided , by race , by geography and by extremes of income .
30 So as you said the danger is that it 's not balanced for our delegates and the ideal is that we want the combination of all four .
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