Example sentences of "[be] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ How long will it be before they give me the all-clear , do you think ? ’
2 I was just having a word with one of your colleagues here trying to take up what Mr 's point was and I think we 've come up maybe with a compromise , is that we call him the County Public Protection Officer .
3 But what makes this machine really special is that it offers you the chance to create an unlimited range of embroidery designs .
4 What she most relishes about no longer having to worry about where the money to pay the rates is coming from is that it gives her the freedom to be creative .
5 The real problem with this gallery is that it confirms what the public has always thought : that designers are a bunch of elitists who do n't live in the real world .
6 The loss should not fall on the totally innocent taxpayer whose only fault is that it paid what the legislature improperly said was due .
7 I think that 's true what Yona says you know it it is Cos you know I the sort of the political people of the town tend to be councillors who are er men mainly and set in their ways and think that because they 've got the label councillor behind you know b front of their name that they 're they are for life you know it 's And they 're sort of respectable inverted commas members of the community and you know and I mean I hope that out of out of all this I mean it 's it 's a shame it has to happen in such a desperate situation you know because I mean none of us can really feel glad that Because to be on strike is I mean each day is is hard I 'm sure for well I mean I can only say because to be close to people on strike it 's quite a unique thing really for me and i you become so involved and close to people and you realize how hard it is for them .
8 I do n't say that that 's because you know what the Greeks are like because I do n't know what the Greeks are like .
9 It seems that more significant than whether a parent tells you you are beautiful is whether they give you the message that you are ‘ good enough ’ , in Deborah 's words .
10 It contained four sheets of paper closely covered in unfamiliar handwriting , and it was a measure of how relaxed he was that it took him the best part of a minute to realise that he was holding a copy of the letter written by Ruggerio Miletti to his family three days previously .
11 In effect , what The Times was saying was that it knew what the ‘ real ’ stories were and that only dictators prevented such stories from being told .
12 That was before he told you the news ? ’
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