Example sentences of "[conj] there [is] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 And there is no pretending that these are anything but sectarian .
2 On balance the evidence suggests that the Liberal decline began before the First World War , but there is no denying that the war speeded up this process .
3 Alex Ferguson might have doubts about his ability as a team player , but there is no denying that , when the mood takes him , Hughes can be a devastating striker .
4 More generally , while there is no denying that leaders couch their statements in moral language , which seems to emphasize differences and minimize similarities , their actions often bear little resemblance to these moral pronouncements .
5 Whilst there is no denying that from its early days the Castro government provided safe haven and some aid to the revolutionary groups which flocked to Havana from all over Latin America and the Caribbean — in 1959 Cuba was the launching base for unsuccessful attacks on Haiti , Panama and the Dominican Republic — these activities must be set in context .
6 Whilst there is no denying that cartography in its more advanced forms was never seen as an integral part of geography , it is nevertheless true that as cartography adopted more advanced technology it became more remote from geography , possibly as a result of the relatively lower interest in technology among most geographers .
7 To ask the question of whether there is enough presumes that we know what ‘ enough ’ is .
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