Example sentences of "[conj] i [verb] [adv] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I think about it a hell of a lot you know , not with morbid fascination but because everything that I went through gave me an inner strength and I am frightened to lose it .
2 Because I would think it 's that I had n't given you the
3 You should be glad that I do n't give you false looks or smiles .
4 I 'm just sorry that I did n't give it to you sooner .
5 It certainly has no basis in the figures that I have just given him in answer to his question .
6 oh yes he said I 've worked it out those extra hours I 've paid you for them but I thought you actually worked for them for nothing and I 've just given you a bonus
7 And I had n't given my permission . ’
8 And I do not give you permission to fling yourself at her feet , grab her hands and weep into her palms .
9 He did n't get that straight off and I did n't give him time to think about it .
10 And I did n't give it a moment 's real consideration .
11 And I did n't give you the chance to put things straight , ’ she murmured .
12 And I have already given you my opinion .
13 And Dr Neil , staring at her wine glass as though it were a bomb , said , ‘ Trust me McAllister ; alcohol will do you nothing but good after your adventures tonight — you will sleep well , and I have already given you my word that I will behave myself . ’
14 I tell you this because I know that I can not expect trust if I do not give it .
15 I just think it 's wrong because every day a tiny bit the ground loo looks much much better than if I do n't give them for weeks an they do , well .
16 ‘ Tell me , my young friend , ’ he went on , ‘ those orders you have to shoot me — if I do n't give you the money you want — who gave you such orders ? ’
17 If I did n't give him a square meal on Monaghan Day he 'd drink himself stupid in Mohill . ’
18 So I got dressed and went to the corner shop to nick three Wormy bars , but Brett and Damon snuck up behind and they said they 'd tell if I did n't give them a bar each .
19 Sure I have to , Nellie , for if I did n't give it a redd up at least once in a while he 'd have the place like a right midden . ’
20 Kevin 's been done but I 've not given him anything back in writing yet , which I 've go to do .
21 I 've given you something to try and take the swelling off your chest , and that should ease a bit of the pain but I 've also given you er stuff to stop all this bursting
22 It was true that I had given him life but I had not given him love .
23 The Rigalis ' 31-year-old son , Amedeo , meanwhile , joins in with a voice as Easington as you might find : ‘ I 'm proud to be half Italian , but I do n't give it that much thought . ’
24 We 've had a few lazy laughs in the past , and I knew he carried clout , but I did n't give him the respect he deserved .
25 But I did n't give you it .
26 Since I did n't give them any praise , Annie and Lizzie had to do the praising instead .
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