Example sentences of "[conj] it is also [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 For example , there is growing evidence showing the relationship between poor housing conditions and poor health , both physical and mental , ’ and it is also known that poor housing adversely affects educational attainment , and that overcrowded conditions can lead to domestic tension and perhaps violence .
2 Rumours abound ; it is said that Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed here after his defeat in 1745 , and it is also suggested that the house was a centre of smuggling as it stands a mere hundred yards from the head of the Solway Firth .
3 But it is also believed that such cellular circulation develops on smooth coasts with uniform offshore bottom topography .
4 But it is also emphasized that professional competence is not something that can or should be taken for granted , and that the intimate knowledge of the carer-counsellor can often be as useful as the most vaunted professional .
5 Sir , the pond in D thirty nine has been shown to be a breeding place for the Great Crested Newt , but it is also known that it migrates to other ponds , several others , but does not necessarily breed there , but chooses at Skelton .
6 When it is also remembered that Belorussia had the lowest literacy rate of all European Russia , the sluggish response of the denizens of the Roslavl' area comes as no surprise .
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