Example sentences of "[conj] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 The relation between the theory and practice of perspective over the next four centuries is examined in detail .
2 … in every Department a store of knowledge and experience in the subjects handled , something which eventually takes shape as a practical philosophy , or may merit the title of a departmental philosophy … in most cases the departmental philosophy is nothing more startling than the slow accretion and accumulation of experience over the years …
3 The move demonstrated the irritation felt by the Prince and Princess of Wales over the media barrage they faced during their tour of South Korea this week .
4 Leaving aside the numerous examples of the rise and fall of parties over the past century , there are many instances of change even in the relatively short period of time since the end of the Second World War .
5 The main purpose of the project is to investigate the architecture , furniture , and equipment of dwellings over the whole range of Scottish society , looking at large-scale buildings like castles and tenement blocks and also at small cottages and council houses .
6 For sex , argues Foucault , is the pivot of two axes along which the whole technology of life developed : it was the point of entry to the body , to the harnessing , identification and distribution of forces over the body ; and it was the entry to control and regulation of populations .
7 Casually trailing something black and sort of flimsy over the chairback .
8 Even some in new houses now want to move out because of the construction works , traffic congestion , and a general decline in the image and attractiveness of Docklands over the past three years .
9 Rowing was transformed in the breadth and depth of participation over the 30 years of his term .
10 The HP4 requirement refers to the additional land to be allocated to ensure an adequate supply and choice of land over the Structure Plan period 1984–96 .
11 UNDERSTANDABLY there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the demise of West Malling ( West Malling Lament , October issue , et al ) but I am amazed that the people most affected by its loss made no attempt to save it from destruction .
12 The output from this stage represents the geographical distribution and intensity of emissions over the region .
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