Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] it 's [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 And she 's elevated the bowl so that it 's not hurting her back but generally this ar this function is very hard on the wrists and on the back .
2 So if it 's not causing me any symptoms I should ?
3 I 've been using RapidCad for a month or so and It 's not given me the slightest problem .
4 Below-the-collarbone lengths tend to drag your face down when it 's already suffering from the effects of gravity .
5 She shoves her nose in when it 's not wanted .
6 Some of the barriers I 've built up are going to be chipped away and it 's only going to take one incident and I 'm going to be stuffed .
7 Well not if it 's not designed for it .
8 There be stalls outside if it 's not raining , if it rains then they have them indoors .
9 I think I now know sooner if it 's not going to be any good , you know .
10 Take that one off and throw it away cos it 's not gon na stay on .
11 Why not have the light within you so you do n't have to go and get it outside but it 's there dwelling within you , day by day , moment by moment ?
12 Then everyone will think I 'm some kind of spy anyway because it 's hardly going to fit in with my cover of being a moron .
13 ‘ In fact , it 's been one of the most exciting things that I 've worked on and it 's certainly changed my career . ’
14 If the weather 's all right and it 's not raining or nothing , I usually go to the garden to help Mr Frost .
15 Oh we do n't keep things like that it 's where do you live ?
16 With an elephant you can kick it till the cows come home but it 's not going to worry about it .
17 Those who already sail have an exciting time trying to stay upright when it 's really blowing .
18 Those who already sail have an exciting time trying to stay upright when it 's really blowing .
19 I du n no quite how erm er much er of other people 's conversation it 's picking up but it 's probably picking me up er
20 Well erm , well probably because it 's not going to benefit the person .
21 Erm , you ca n't put that on till it 's really broken down can you ?
22 He says east west relations are much better now so it 's not needed .
23 Now that it 's eventually started happening , I find that my attitude is one of high indignation .
24 We know now that it 's really needed to count the vessels because we will get definitely more information .
25 So , the fact that who works in the green grocers is just a bit of additional information , it 's not necessary for the the main part of the sentence , you can take it out and it 's not going to take , make any difference to the construction or the meaning of the sentence , it 's a bit of additional information .
26 We must n't he 's got really , really if it 's not done well it 's a it 's worse than not doing it all .
27 You 'll have to have a look on the way down and then pass the buds they should be coming now cos it 's nearly spring well it is spring really .
28 But , if I go back and it 's not cleared up it might ruddy come back again !
29 After a while , a stream develops on the right which you have to cross by the plank bridge hidden among the trees — watch out because it 's easily missed .
30 but I 've got ta , I 've got ta , I know , I 've got ta get it off my back though because it 's really pissing me off .
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