Example sentences of "[adv] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Although I 've no doubt you know better than we do what the opposition are
2 Information can be given to each child separately ( either verbally or in writing ) , so that no-one knows what the others ' information is .
3 Try a recording in which the camera looks at the class the whole time so that it gives you the teacher's-eye view .
4 Erm ha having gone through that you moved on er and gave out your business card fi first and then the buyer 's guide erm do n't know whether you 're happy doing it that way or whether it 's better round the other way , I I , you , you tend to think if you give somebody the buyer 's guide first when they start to look at it you give them your business card and take it away , perhaps if you do it the other way round they might s start reading the buyer 's guide
5 Only if you understand what the clause is supposed to do , can you assess whether or not it is terribly important to your side and negotiate accordingly .
6 So if you lost something the ninety would increase accordingly ?
7 As I believe that you both did , when you were my age — if you can remember so far back — but I knew you would prevent me from doing so if I told you the truth . ’
8 A Goblin Big Boss has the advantage of being cheap and he will do almost as good a job , especially if you give him the Crown of Command to raise his leadership to 10 .
9 Especially if it gave me the credibility to help a friend in need .
10 So you add them together and you give it the same sign .
11 You know it does pour in if you have nought the week before anything you get is pouring in .
12 Well , I tried to turn it into a joke — not a very good one , I admit — but I said something about that party game called consequences , you know where everyone writes down innocent things that get strung together because nobody knows what the others have written and it gets all mixed up so you get a silly story with a stupid ending .
13 I suspect that he is doing so because he believed what the Home Secretary said when he intervened .
14 I wait patiently whilst he gives me the once-over .
15 One , stating that ‘ the great task imposed on us in the struggle against Bolshevism resides in the annihilation of eternal Jewry ’ , went on : ‘ Only when you see what the Jew has brought about here in Russia , can you really understand why the Führer began the struggle against Jewry .
16 They put fluorescent material on that stuff you know , so when you wash it the
17 So when you compare what the politicians are saying in this election , ask yourself these questions .
18 Erm , but bear in mind you know , this works best if you work it the way that you want to work it .
19 Not until you tell me the truth . ’
20 " Strictly speaking , you 're going to be dead very soon unless you give me the right instructions . "
21 She seems to think that , just because she fancies me the feeling should be mutual ! ’
22 Er medically , as best as I understand what the doctors tell me , er I 'm er fine to carry the responsibilities and strain of er the cabinet job that I had .
23 just as I did it the bloody filter light came on
24 Because that way it stays on if you do it the other way it 'll drop off it 's as simple as that , okay , cover the pad and as you spiral up the arm all you need to do is to cover about two thirds of what you 've just done before , just like a spiral , you find the bandages , the more you use those roller bandages of yours the worse they get to control because they lose their , you know , nice and stretchiness , so you just do , cover up the pad at the top , tie always on the top of the arm never underneath here .
25 Now if we were looking at these the other way up right if somebody gave you the triangle
26 Sometimes I think we 'd be better off if we did what the animals do .
27 She 'd already made a bit of a name for herself , only locally but you know what the Germans are about music , and the district party bosses liked romantic pieces so she became the star turn at their more respectable booze-ups .
28 He was the goalkeeper for Manchester United and I joked later that I threw him the bag of money and he dropped it !
29 S three , probably if you give me the class first it 's probably easier Pete , Peter
30 ‘ My main thought was if I offer him my car how will I get to work tomorrow , and also if I give him the car will I be able to collect the insurance ?
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