Example sentences of "[adv] [pron] [verb] n't been [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I bump into a lot of people at conferences , so I have n't been able to write formally to thank you for the meeting because I do n't want anything on the record then
2 Obviously we have n't been good away from home this season but I was pleased again with the attitude on Saturday .
3 Ehm is a it is n't actually a a erm a new school it 's Birchwood High School it used to be Margaret Dane which has been established a few years but Birchwood just been started for a year erm it has is some information but obviously there have n't been any feedback from the school so I starts there .
4 So he had n't been sure of her after all …
5 erm , well it just , it just , you know , with her , I mean , she ca n't sit still , I mean to have , I mean I , the last four Saturdays , admittedly I have n't been well , but I 've just been totally indoors sewing .
6 somehow I have n't been able to work
7 Our control should be extended to the country and a tripartite commission exists to reform the Labour Code , but it was set up three years ago , and so far there have n't been any results .
8 So far he has n't been wrong !
9 Oh , well I have n't been that way yet .
10 I ca n't I have n't been bloody , yeah you have now , I 've still got ta get to there yet before I can bloody buy anything
11 Well there has n't been any success under John McGregor .
12 I think , because maybe you have n't been flexible at the outset , and all you 've ended up doing is scoring points off each other ,
13 But then they had n't been alone for any time before .
14 Yeah but he ha , maybe he has n't been dead that long has he ?
15 For about a year , since the summer before last , in fact , I had been writing to her and she to me and , because of the distance and something else I have n't been able to put my finger on ( maybe a need for excitement ) , the letters had become more and more sentimental , more and more loving , more and more like proper love letters .
16 All those nights when she had n't been able to sleep seemed to be catching up with her .
17 Previously she had n't been able to work out whether he was or not .
18 In case anyone is wondering why there has n't been any coverage of LASMO 's tournament-winning broomball team recently , it 's because there is no ice on the Broadgate rink .
19 That either they have n't been able to think about it very carefully , not looking at the real options , or have n't got an electric point , so they ca n't have an electric shredder , or whatever the appropriate way of dealing with the more sort of shrubby erm waste that they 're likely to have .
20 Well for example one of the things , one of the consistent kinds of changes that seems to have occurred is an attempt to deny polytheism , but there are lots of places in the Bible where it has n't been consistent and where God on occasions speaks in the Bible erm as if other gods could exist , like I , I , I 'm the Lord , I 'm a jealous god .
21 The whole er test of whether this was or was not a successful proposal , was whether you marry the environment and the economy , and sadly it has n't been married , and sadly the Treasury has yet again won .
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