Example sentences of "[pron] can be used to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Left : Scenes shot on telephoto appear to have compressed perspectives which can be used to good effect .
2 It can provide information regarding the possible need to change management style , to accelerate , decelerate or even terminate the activity earlier and hence save scarce resources which can be used to good effect elsewhere .
3 Oligo(dT) itself can be used to prime first strand synthesis of cDNA .
4 Sauce is n't all that cranberries are fit for — they can be used to good effect in a number of recipes .
5 It can be so — certain women have a perpetual ‘ devouring ’ quality — but it is a natural process , echoed in the menstrual cycle , and in the moon 's waxing and waning , and it can be used to positive effect , regulating the ebb and flow of relationships and opening up pathways of communication .
6 It can be used to positive or negative effect on others .
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