Example sentences of "[pron] can [vb infin] that the [noun] " in BNC.

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1 you know the biology 's gon na be hard , I can tell that the maths gon na be hard , but I think I 've got more of an interest in biology than physics , I mean I , I do n't know if Jean 's done any
2 As far as the actual average salary is concerned if you look at page nineteen paragraph K a white page on your report , page nineteen , paragraph K and there you will see that you 're promised an audit report on the position relating to teachers ' salaries , I can confirm that the position is consistent with the remarks that , that were made earlier on , cos you have within the budget here sufficient money to provide for our current estimate of next year 's actual earning salary in these schools .
3 I can confirm that the appointment of a commissioner to monitor procedures at Castlereagh , and the two other police holding centres where terrorist suspects are interviewed , is under consideration .
4 I can repeat that the IoT would be very happy for the Faculty to treat the IoT examination as the necessary qualification for its members to become Faculty Fellows .
5 I think I can claim that the whole last part is bound to make an impact on our musical public ; at least , if I compare it with what has been said recently on the same problem by Hanslick and others …
6 I can understand that the reasoning behind this deviation is wholly fashion-based .
7 I can accept that the body might have been carried high up on to the shoal by an exceptionally heavy wash from a boat .
8 If I can demonstrate that the Kaiser himself , the monarch who ruled Germany for thirty years until nineteen eighteen , had ideas very similar if not identical to those of Hitler 's , at a time when he was not in contact with Hitler , when Hitler 's party was nowhere in political terms , then I think that 's yet another very important indication that there is continuity in German history from say the Bismarckian period through to nineteen forty-five , and that Hitler stands in that national tradition , and is not some kind of lightning erm that , that struck Germany erm from a blue sky .
9 Moreover I can reveal that the findings of the Committee were certainly not those indicated in this letter ; we found that Derry Corporation had for many years been carrying out a policy of anti-Rome Catholic discrimination in employment and rigid segregation in housing .
10 It is , therefore with considerable pleasure that I can report that the Association was able during 1990 to contribute directly more than £250,000 to the ‘ Reach for the Sky ’ Appeal , and was able to see the income generated by its own Wings Appeal increase by 47% .
11 I can promise that the Government will do no less .
12 ‘ Ca n't speak for the food , that 's Kay 's department , but I think I can promise that the tipple will be up to par . ’
13 I can promise that the Department will take vigorous action where there are good cases .
14 Looking at it selfishly , I can say that the happiness of the family now depends on you , for it is in you that the family is renewed and starts again .
15 I think I 'd like to start by making a few general points , er and then er it will be a matter for for others to be somewhat more specific , I I I think I can say that the issue of a new settlement of a new settlement in Greater York is is a fairly unique situation , because we have agreement between the development industry and the County Council , and that 's something of a rarity , but also we have mild support from the Department of the Environment , and as Mr Davis has already said , that is backed by public support .
16 Having worked on interview panels with the now defunct ILEA I can say that the object has not been to block the drama school selection so much as to see that the grant is well justified .
17 I can say that the police are definitely trying to stamp out racism .
18 The File Manager obligingly scans the entire disk and lists all the files beginning with Q. I can see that the ones I want have been installed under D : \WINDOWS\QUOTE , and I can use the File Manager to look at them .
19 Looking back I can see that the fall of the tree and the resulting fear were symbolising my anxiety lest the squire should come and catch us raiding his walnut tree .
20 While I can see that the woman you wrote about may well have deserved what she got — your report says the little girl was badly bruised — I do think we have to be wary of going to extremes .
21 I can see that the interest in the past is because it was an era of good music and change , which I do n't really see now .
22 Right I can see that the estate agents have or the estate agents are more sales orientated anyway that 's that 's people
23 Whether you comply with their claims to being the sole centre of musical importance or not , nobody can say that The Smiths have n't , so far , fulfilled their promise .
24 Nobody can doubt that the Massaliotes explored seas and coasts .
25 We are looking for people who can accept that the past has passed and , whilst remembering it with fondness , can also look to the future and view what it might bring with a degree of optimism and hope .
26 Anyone who publishes a statement , which reflects adversely upon the conduct by a local authority of its affairs , risks liability to any individual councillor or officer of the authority who can prove that the publication defames him or her personally .
27 ‘ And you can verify that the guns are licenced ? ’
28 You can tell that the film is being run backward because this kind of behavior is never observed in ordinary life .
29 If you want , you can specify that the pose should be frightening , funny , difficult or amazing .
30 Well because I , if you keep one you can bet that the person 's sitting on an ace
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