Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [be] [verb] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll definitely be taking care this time , ’ said Martin , who was allowed out of hospital on Christmas Eve .
2 If you 're converting your loft , or want a fitted bedroom or bathroom , you 'll probably be making use of fibreboards in one shape or another .
3 Breakfast is included at all hotels and at some , you 'll also be given dinner inclusive of the voucher price .
4 Er , we need to now have some to er cover the cost of proposed adaptations to bring support staff together , which I 'll , which we 've got in hand , and we 'll also be miring money , I think from the salary budget to help with the cost of er the total quality training .
5 But , honestly , I think we 'll just be wasting time if I go on like this . ’
6 We 'll certainly be offering business administration , and may offer the care award , too , in conjunction with the College of Nautical Studies .
7 The project we 're hoping to sponsor , there 's now Friends of the Earth in Ghana , erm who 've Doctor Plumtree quite rightly said , Ghana are working hard on re-forestation schemes , and a scheme that Friends of the Earth is doing is a community re- forestation scheme , because a lot of the re-forestation schemes are from the top down , and they do n't actually get the villagers involved in whatever , so we 'll actually be funding community reforestation schemes , several species of trees , particularly those which help to regenerate the soil , especially if it 's been degraded because the trees have been chopped down , or what-have-you .
8 ‘ Our recruits will earn a good weekly salary and they 'll also be given quality training which should help their employment prospects in the long-term . ’
9 Er because of the problems the stock piles of coal at various pits , I think there is about forty five million tons stocked at various pits , they 'll still be using coal from Bywater and so that there 's no necessity to mine coal in such er vast amount .
10 When he hangs up his gloves he says he 'll just be doing alot more gardening instead .
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