Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [verb] our [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'm not gon na indulge about politics with the of Europe , I believe that what we 're saying is the right way forward and I hope you 'll wholeheartedly support our resolution .
2 we 'll probably fill our time , I mean if just if you 're working that 'll change it wo n't it ?
3 Well we 'll probably have our dinner first then I 'll probably do it .
4 We 'll just give our library books in .
5 We 'll just poke our nose out into the river and then turn back .
6 Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Ltd blames a 5% fall in profits before charges for closure of some telecommunications operations on losses at the UK telecommunications subsidiary , Reuter reports , but the group will still commit another £200m to the UK unit this year , group chairman Li Ka-Shing said : ‘ I 'm not happy with the results , but we 'll still continue our commitment to the UK operation and pump more money into it , ’ he said — ‘ I 'm not sure the worst is over yet in the UK , which ate up all our Hong Kong profits this year ; ’ he said Hutchison will have invested over £500m in the loss-making UK unit , including the £200m that is earmarked for this year , but he refused to say at what point he will say enough is enough — ‘ It 's too early to say ; you can never tell when business will pick up . ’
7 They can also be used for tests for structural change , right , what we 're going to do is to say during peacetime right , we 'll estimate our model , we 'll then estimate our model during wartime and we 're going to assume that the coefficients or the income and price elasticity mark , do n't change during between peace and wartime , all that happens is as they intercept this model shifts , right , now you may thinks that 's not particularly er attractive , you might expect the price of income elasticities to change between two periods and we could actually use dummy variables to see whether that is the case , right , however , we 'll get very similar results , right , if you just use a slope dummy so it 'd intercept dummy , right , and all that 's going to do is to say , well the model runs like this in peacetime , right , and then wartime it suddenly shifts up or down depending on the effect of er of the war on textile consumption .
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