Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [verb] that [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 tell me about taking bearings , what do you do , let's give you an example , of some bearings to take , erm , and then you can tell me what you 're doing , so there 's a point there , and we 'll call that erm , P , just to be awkward , now let's say what we 'll do , this is what we 'll d , this is a typical problem in fact , erm , I 'll even draw that line on for you to start with , yeah , here 's the problem , a ship is sailing due North , okay , and when it 's at the point of A it takes a bearing on the lighthouse , so the lighthouse is somewhere , do n't know where it is , but bearing of L from A is forty five degrees , and the bearing of L from B , which is when the ship has sailed on a lot further
2 I 'll just switch that television off and you might pay some attention .
3 Yeah , I 'll just move that chair from out the front
4 I 'll just close that door for a minute , because my
5 I 'll also get that confirmation letter off to you as quickly as possible .
6 I 'll never forget that night in Seville … ‘
7 I 'll never forget that night in Lisbon ! ’
8 I 'll never forget that address .
9 I 'll never forget that engine !
10 I 'll never forget that sight .
11 ( ‘ Do you remember that Dracula when your fang got stuck in the girl 's bra ? ’ ; or ‘ I 'll never forget that girl who had hysterics during that human sacrifice ’ ; or ‘ Do you remember that take as the Werewolf when you forgot your line and said ‘ Bow-Wow ’ ? ’
12 Gray said : ‘ I 'll never forget that goal — no matter what happens in the rest of my career . ’
13 Oh darling , I 'll never forget that day when we drove in , in , into the heart of the rolling hills .
14 I 'll never forget that day Portugal went 3-0 down to North Korea in the '66 World Cup , and he pulled them round single-handed with four goals .
15 I 'll never forget that day at Birkdale , ’ recalled Payne , whose victory lifts him close to Ryder Cup recognition this year .
16 Remember also , the pitfalls for children of ‘ tickly ’ yarns ( I hate that jumper , it tickles ) , of necks being too tight ( I 'll never wear that thing again ) when ears have almost been severed off at bedtime !
17 I 'll never ferget that night when we got the news she 'd bin drowned . ’
18 It looks like I 'll never live that fiasco down . )
19 I suppose you 're the only one in the Marlowe family who 'll ever attain that status — ’
20 You 'll soon finish that bottle !
21 Well , I 'm happy to say , you 'll soon have that opportunity … ’
22 Get one with a cycle bearing shaft and you 'll never regret that purchase .
23 You 'll never get that stain up !
24 You 'll never get that boy out of the house .
25 Do n't think you 'll ever get that word
26 I think we 'll just wipe that mess , mind your fingers you dilly
27 Well we do n't need to put that on , we 'll just take that home with us .
28 Really detailed molecular records at a spacing of a hundred years or less will be necessary to predict the climate change in the future and we 'll really need that information if we 're going to live safely on this planet .
29 But no , and I think one could assume , and indeed expect , that they 'll now stay that way .
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