Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [verb] the [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Look , I 'll even clean the upstairs rooms after all if you want me to !
2 I 'll just feel the cervix , ’ she said , and as Yvette became aware of the gentle examination , she opened her eyes and gave a doleful little whimper .
3 OK , I 'm not doing those , I 'll just do the tea
4 I 'll just leave the meat .
5 I 'll just set the scene for the others in that he 's er fifty five is n't he ?
6 No I 'll just go and , I 'll just quickly clean erm I 'll just set the camera up that 's all .
7 Thanks and I 'll just outline the background to the figures that has just presented to you .
8 I 'll just give the front step a scrub .
9 I think I 'll just give the hospital a ring and then I 'll go up to bed . ’
10 And er that they they still , even when I have to do things , which are not very erm happy either for me or for them , erm I 'll just give the example of removing a child from
11 And I 'll just make the rest of the with salad in .
12 Whilst the , the London Region speakers come into the rostra I 'll just make the point , Peggy in fact is only the third women that 's spoken this morning .
13 I 'll just switch the oven off .
14 I say I 'll just unplug the wall .
15 I 'll just brush the dust off
16 Her favourite line was Bernhardt 's , and this she copied into the front of each of the eighteen notebooks , at least the five of them that I still have ; Oh well , I 'll just buy the theatre .
17 I 'll just turn the cow out , ’ Jinny muttered .
18 Yeah , that 's right , I 'll just pop the kettle on and then we 'll start to find another , oh well done Anthy , well done .
19 ‘ What happens is that maybe I 'll just see the shape of some chords , or where my fingers should be on the frets .
20 I 'll just put the kettle on . ’
21 So what I 'm gon na do , is I 'm going go , give you a list of things that need to go into your diary every week , and I 'll just put the list up , and you perhaps write it under Sunday or something on there , because I 'm going to work on a five day week Monday to Friday .
22 I 'll just put the lock off the gate on the windowsill .
23 I 'll just clean the muck off the windscreen and wing-mirrors , ’ says Rainbow , ‘ and we 'll be off . ’
24 ‘ So I think I 'll just keep the gun .
25 If I could see him at the back I 'll er , I 'll just get the question a bit more clearer and I 'm sure I can help .
26 aha , that 's , so I did , cos this week well maybe on a diet I 'll , I 'll just get salad stuff and , you know when you , I 'll just get the mince and er shops that shops that and I 'll just get me frozen stuff at the , you know , just at the
27 I felt and this is the bit I like , I , I some I , I used to set this at one point in the examination question and ask people to guess which American president said it I 'll read , I 'll read it to you measures otherwise unconstitutional might become lawful if indispensable to the preservation of the constitution through the preservation of the nation just , I 'll just get the essence of that , measures otherwise unconstitutional might become lawful if indispensable to the preservation of the constitution through the preservation of the nation ninety percent put Richard Nixon er no one put Abraham Lincoln er cos he was one of the good guys right or wrong I assume this ground I could not feel that to the best of my ability I had even tried to preserve the if to save James Buchanan is essentially the Pontius Pilate of American politics he says yes these are very acute problems er and very difficult er and I 'd like to help but I 'm sorry I ca n't and I really do have to go off and wash my hands now erm and , you know , you carry on and when you 've resolved it tell me what you want me to do and I 'll ,
28 I 'll just get the feeling that I 've got to go to the woods .
29 Well Robert here a a barrister , I 'll just get the microphone over here , you 're a barrister and you 've prosecuted quite a lot of , you 've been in the army yourself and prosecuted a lot of cases , now h he says that er that the British public love the Army , but from what we 're hearing tonight , there 's a lot that 's rotten to the core ?
30 Mum I do n't know , I 'll just take the chance , they wo n't like that .
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