Example sentences of "[pron] 'll [adv] [verb] [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 tell me about taking bearings , what do you do , let's give you an example , of some bearings to take , erm , and then you can tell me what you 're doing , so there 's a point there , and we 'll call that erm , P , just to be awkward , now let's say what we 'll do , this is what we 'll d , this is a typical problem in fact , erm , I 'll even draw that line on for you to start with , yeah , here 's the problem , a ship is sailing due North , okay , and when it 's at the point of A it takes a bearing on the lighthouse , so the lighthouse is somewhere , do n't know where it is , but bearing of L from A is forty five degrees , and the bearing of L from B , which is when the ship has sailed on a lot further
2 I 'll just drop this register in to Mrs Ellis and double check that address .
3 I 'll just dump this lot in the car . ’
4 Elizabeth replied , ‘ And I 'll just pour this milk into the skimming trays then take my apron off and come with you .
5 I 'll just do one picture .
6 I 'll just do this crossword .
7 you did , yes I 'll just give this potty , move , oh I 'm gon na fall over your feet , I 'll just give it a rinse out and dry it
8 I 'll just switch that television off and you might pay some attention .
9 Yeah , I 'll just move that chair from out the front
10 I 'll just put poor health .
11 Right I 'll just put national account execs , key account execs , right okay
12 I 'll just put public transport , because it 's er , you , you 'll realise it means that wo n't you .
13 I 'll just put some newspaper round them to keep them together , ’ said Perks .
14 Then she says , I 'll just clean this bit of tartar off .
15 No no I 'm no I 'm I 'll just get some cough medicine .
16 I 'll just shut this door
17 I 'll just nip next door to the booking office and check the Old Guard — ease springs and inspect their rifles like .
18 Shall I take an e no I 'll just take another tape along .
19 Now if they 're multiplied or divided then you ca n't say , Oh well I 'll just take this bit and do that and then I 'll come back for the other one .
20 I 'll just have one thing .
21 I 'll just close that door for a minute , because my
22 I 'll just read this bit
23 ‘ How right you are , but I 'll also give good value for every penny .
24 Well you might find out a little bit later on , an I 'll also have live music on the show from the Old Vic in , Andrew 's gon na be down there with Edward , it 's all to come .
25 I 'll also get that confirmation letter off to you as quickly as possible .
26 Well no , I 'll get it , I 'll probably got some upstairs in my coat , so , when you come up for your cup of tea or whatever , or your bottle of milk .
27 But I 'll probably come full circle and take a room in Soho .
28 I probably come on with , on , on , on you with it after Christmas as well cos I 'll probably put some back on
29 I 'll never forget that night in Seville … ‘
30 I 'll never forget that night in Lisbon ! ’
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