Example sentences of "[conj] [conj] it 's [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Er , I went on to say throughout the ages the government has repealed legislation , there 's nothing new about repealing legislation it is repealed either because it is proved unworkable or because it 's simply outlived its shelf life .
2 Erm , it does n't matter what I propose , whether it actually makes out things that they 've been talking about or whether it 's completely found something to criticise about it .
3 That 's what I 'm doing , except that it 's not gon na look like that any more
4 Although if it 's still raining the ditch wo n't be too comfortable .
5 Local residents again pointed out that so far all the dust that had blown had come from one three-acre section of the lake : ‘ The worry is that if it 's not attended to and if the entire 150 acres rise up and start blowing at the same time it could be a national disaster .
6 I mean would , would , would n't you think it is a , a directive that if it 's not happening in your area you make it happen ?
7 and we better get used to all that because it 's not going to change this afternoon .
8 Do n't think that because it 's actually ringing that it 's somebody ringing , or whatever .
9 Er , er , are you going to sort of give me a timetable that I can read through to the phone and that it 's not booked up
10 My own conclusions , which in this case are probably completely worthless , are that this ticking represents a period of grace — I mean that it can not explode — as long as the ticking lasts and that it 's not designed to explode when the ticking stops but is then activated and ready to explode when triggered by passing engines .
11 Consequently , they 're always coming in a bit behind the boys because the boys have been playing for a bit longer , and I think it 's very important that if girls are being offered the opportunity that the opportunity is good for them , and that it 's not going to put them off the game of football because they 're always in the position where the boys consider themselves a bit better .
12 I think it 's vital that any animal we hold in captivity , wild or otherwise is looked after properly and that it 's well done and for that you need help and guidance and you also need minimum standards to ensure it 's done well .
13 I consider that I B M strives to be a good employer and that it 's long established belief in respect for the individual has shaped our personal policies to reflect these needs within our community , and for example , our equal opportunity principles prevent us from considering race , colour or sex , when offering someone employment or promotion .
14 so you felt that and that pulse point there if you press on it hard enough you can actually stop the one in the wrist and of course that is controlling the flow of blood to the rest of the arm and you leave a pressure point closed off like that for no more than ten minutes , because if you left it on for too long that it means not sufficient blood 's getting to the rest of the , the limbs and the limb must have its blood supply , so you leave the pressure on for ten minutes and then release it , say for ten seconds just so say that the hand comes back pinkish again and if it 's not slowing down , back on with the pressure again for another ten minutes and that 's how you use it , tap off , ten minutes at the most , tap on for a little while , if it 's leaked again reapply , ten minutes at the most , tap on again , okay and that 's how you 'll control it , so if you do have a sit a situation where the bleeding was bad cos you 've got a , a limb severed , you could n't perhaps put sufficient direct pressure over that limb , this done , right , to control the bleeding then you could use indirect pressure , here , breaking or here , right in the , no playing now please , no trying to find this one right now , do this one tonight , in bed and the old lady said now what are you doing to me , never you mind , go to sleep
15 Bu but basically we are , we are now going for land reform and if the , if th th the momentum from this is coming from the spontaneous actions of the peasants themselves , and if it 's not coming then we 've got ta give them the guidance to move in that direction .
16 And if it 's not referenced here it may not be referenced anywhere else .
17 If it 's negatively correlated , it means as one score increases , the tendency is for the other one to decrease , and if it 's virtually zero it means there 's no relationship between the two .
18 If it 's s something like that and they tell me the amount of furniture and if two thirds of the van will be filled with big stuff , and then they tell me there 'll be half a dozen boxes , I assume there 'll be at least four times that number of boxes , and if it 's still going to go on , we 'll do it .
19 If if it 's not going to trial
20 And years ago I used to have sciatica , round the nerve and but it 's only happens when I sit and then the last thing so I went to the doctors the other day and what they do , they see us around bash on , on the knee on the nerve and she said , all my muscles have gone !
21 Marshal Tolonen put me in charge of this investigation , and while it 's still going on , you report to me , understand me , Major Ebert ?
22 Constant rain , and when it 's not raining it looks as if it 's about to .
23 I mean if you 're honest a lot of these were really first or second draft erm manuscripts I think and er er you really got to get , if you 're going to submit something like this it has to be er it has to be absolutely watertight and you have to say exactly what it is that you want to say , erm some of the criticism I 've , I 'm not gon na mention people 's names , but I 'm just remind myself er , a whole lot of you for some reason erm , con construct things in sort of note form I suppose this being undergraduates that helps this and , and , but you construct things with single sentence paragraphs so that actually you get a whole list of sentences without any linking between them and that is terribly disjointed reading and with an account like that , when you 've finished reading it , you sort of have to shake your head and think well what did the person actually say , and when it 's actually looking for er a little bit of prose , the in addition some of your con your sentences are in , extraordinarily complex , you start off in a sentence and you actually lose your way in the middle of it , I mean the simple sentence 's much the better thing , I mean I seem to remember being told by subject , object verb , in a sentence , they must have those , those , those things , well very often you 'll have a sentence which starts with er a particular noun and as , as a subject and then finishes up with the same no noun or , or , or subject or , or maybe it 's become the object of the sentence at the very end or maybe the sentence has totally lost it 's way .
24 And as it 's not flying on a vertical pole , it needs planning permission .
25 But if it 's not required by law , then I can not issue , and if people ask for advice we are obliged under Fire Services , the Fire Services Act to give that advice , but what I 'm really saying is that with the , the pressure of work on the Fire Safety Department , it 's likely that if it 's a fairly low risk to life , we 'll never get round to it , and that 's the honest truth .
26 Ah , but when it 's actually done it 'll be connected wo n't it ?
27 But it 's alright just you know knowing about that , but when it 's actually going to happen to you , it 's something totally different .
28 It 's just standing there , and you take one [ garment ] from the pile and stick it on the ironing board and iron it , fold it , and put it down , take the next one — and it 's as though it 's never going to end .
29 He 's much more in his element in prometheus , which heaves and sighs as though it 's actually giving birth to fire .
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