Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Either the seeds blew in — or someone planted them as a joke , ’ said a senior officer .
2 I finished my list of demands and took it to the Branch Office , where I received something of a hero 's welcome .
3 ‘ I speak with Michael Odell inside ten minutes , or I raise him on the open line , ’ said Quinn carefully .
4 He said our flight had been delayed and he 'd spent the time in the bar , and then added , rather unconvincingly , that some woman had insisted on ‘ plying Phaeton with liquor ’ as he put it , but there was a hollowness in the way he said it , and I do n't think either Gill or I believed him for a moment .
5 After breakfast at the palace all the inmates are thrown out , whatever the weather , and the only place he can take his child is outside : " Usually I take my little boy at weekends to the fair at Whitley Bay , or I take him on the metro and we sit at the front — he loves trains .
6 Whenever that happens , rather than going back to the track I play something else that will fit , or I leave it as an improvisational section , so to speak .
7 Who were extremely keen to locate in this county , everything was right for them , Mr Allenby 's borough had the site , my clients had the site should I say , and erm but we lost it to Humberside because it was not possible for either Harrogate or ourselves to look them in the eye and say yes we can guarantee planning consent .
8 As a former winner at Dornoch ( 1985 ) , where nobody took him beyond the 16th green , Garth has the right credentials for a marathon week 's work — sound legs and wind , a good nerve , great concentration , and all the shots for a course that will test the strong and mock the timid .
9 Most of us are labouring under beliefs which limit our potential , or create personal trauma and suffering , or which deprive us of the magic and joy of being alive .
10 Tired and confused after the journey , I followed the servant into a large building , where she left me in a sitting-room .
11 Mildred slid him carefully into her pocket and raced up the stairs to her room , where she transferred him to a small box with holes in the lid which she had prepared specially for the journey .
12 Clare levered the coins off the counter , and carried her cup out into the small enclosure , where she balanced it on an unsteady iron table , her feet cushioned by a carpet of litter .
13 During this period she herds stray animals to her seashore cave , where she feeds them during the cold months .
14 He seemed to have come to the deep , still centre of the sea : a place where you felt nothing , where you saw nothing except the coal-black atoms that danced before your face and knitted up the dark .
15 The patches can then be located where you want them among the preamp 's memory locations ( or programs ) , and then called up by a MIDI pedal .
16 Use water wisely , putting it exactly where you want it with a Soakerhose .
17 Either you tip the dustmen to take it away or you take it to the tip yourself .
18 If something unexpected happens during an inner journey — perhaps one of your guides will appear when you were expecting your inner child , or you find yourself in a cave rather than on a riverbank — go with your own experience .
19 Like when we go to the laundrette , or she takes me to the swimming baths to have a hot shower .
20 Or she zips herself into a black evening gown and she 's a sophisticated 30 year old .
21 The careful and precise manner in which these financial arrangements were laid down suggests that many who served saw the war as essentially a business enterprise holding out the promise of substantial rewards for those who were fortunate or who distinguished themselves in the field .
22 But yesterday Labour candidate Alan Milburn said : ‘ It was n't Darlington Council who imposed the poll tax on the town or who kept it for a year longer than necessary .
23 In addition , retinoic acid is insoluble in water and so would remain where we put it in the limb for some time ; this was important because we already knew that to exert its effect the grafted polarizing region needed more than 12 hours .
24 This kind of activity could be called the micro-politics of race , though in practice , as where we align ourselves with the struggles of our brothers and sisters in South Africa , it is more likely to prove the micro-politics of race 's overcoming .
25 At these roadshows , we introduced the Group 's Vision and Mission Statement — where we see ourselves in the future and the principals by which we intend to conduct our business .
26 ‘ Either we terrorise them into submission , or we abandon them to the vacuum of a permissive existence .
27 If the horse is thumped by the farrier , or we belt it with a cane , the horse is likely to become so upset that the chances are we will never be able to shoe the horse !
28 Either one of two things : either the period of primitive accumulation is taken just as ‘ pre-history ’ ; in which case it has a strict time-limit … or we see it as a process of ousting ‘ third persons ’ in general — in which case the concept itself has to be abolished , since in that case it does not express anything special , specific , etc .
29 ‘ They have admitted some of the questions on this paper are too difficult for the children and in Anthony 's school , where they took it as a class test , I believe the highest marks were about 40 or 42pc . ’
30 It spread to the Chinese around 2 , years ago and then reached Japan where they cultivated it into the art form it is today .
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