Example sentences of "[adv] it be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 erm He says , ‘ Just as what we think good , what we should like , has no bearing on whatever on what is , so it is for us to determine the good life .
2 Quite clearly it was for me to initiate action to ensure that all aircraft of that type were checked for similar fractures at the earliest possible moment , but the responsibility for ordering such an inspection lies with the airworthiness authorities of the States in which the aircraft were registered and not with the accident investigation authorities .
3 No ; now it is for me to speak and you to listen . ’
4 Now it is for us to determine whether a corporation can bring such an action , and I must say that , to my mind , to allow such a thing would be wholly unprecedented and contrary to principle .
5 Whatever the answer , Philip will meet you at Strata Marcella when he comes from Isambard , and if the man will not come to terms , then it 's for you to act as you think fit . ’
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