Example sentences of "[adv] it be [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Nevertheless , she declares she 's taking over as hostess — so obviously it 's time for me to leave . ’
2 Soon it was time for him to return and it was arranged that Anne and Sarah who were both free would see him off at the station .
3 Exactly , but also it was food for them .
4 Now it is time for us to part , alas , alas !
5 Those are my plans for the future , now it 's time for you to air your views . ’
6 Now it was time for our first venture out ; luckily the yard was situated amidst very quiet roads , and my husband John had been loaned a schoolmaster called Paddy to act as escort .
7 Leonora knew perfectly well it was time for her to grovel , but found it difficult to make a start .
8 Maybe it is time for me to get angry and fight back at those who are fighting me , ’ she said .
9 Then it is time for it to find a suitable spot to turn into a chrysalis .
10 We will return to Royston for a while but then it 's Scotland for me and France for you .
11 Of course then it 's shame for them .
12 Then it was time for me to attend the evening reception on Britania .
13 The half-hour eventually crawled round , then it was time for me to go and get ready .
14 Then it was time for my paper-round , followed by school .
15 By Sunday evening , when it was time for them to leave and the three of them were piling into the Bentley , what she felt inside her , by any definition , was far more than simply sexual excitement .
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