Example sentences of "[pron] will [adv] be [verb] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll definitely be taking care this time , ’ said Martin , who was allowed out of hospital on Christmas Eve .
2 If you 're converting your loft , or want a fitted bedroom or bathroom , you 'll probably be making use of fibreboards in one shape or another .
3 Breakfast is included at all hotels and at some , you 'll also be given dinner inclusive of the voucher price .
4 For example , the director of nursing may devise the system for allocating annual leave but the ward sister may determine who will actually be given holiday at any particular time .
5 Retailers who will definitely be taking space are Dixon Sports , Strand Cards , H Samuel , C&J Clark and Dorothy Perkins .
6 This includes the child who will only be granted leave if the court is satisfied that he has sufficient understanding to make the application ( s10(9) ) .
7 The Budget did offer more hope to unemployed disabled people , who will now be given priority in the vocational education initiative and in the Community Action programme .
8 In your professional work after you have qualified , you will rarely be allowed time to do everything twice and so you had better learn now .
9 If you are pregnant you will normally be allowed maternity leave of 48 weeks .
10 You will also be given weekend membership of the exclusive Country Club with its numerous facilities .
11 Hopefully you will also be raising money through sponsorship to help selected projects in countries far worse off than our own .
12 Er , we need to now have some to er cover the cost of proposed adaptations to bring support staff together , which I 'll , which we 've got in hand , and we 'll also be miring money , I think from the salary budget to help with the cost of er the total quality training .
13 But , honestly , I think we 'll just be wasting time if I go on like this . ’
14 We 'll certainly be offering business administration , and may offer the care award , too , in conjunction with the College of Nautical Studies .
15 The project we 're hoping to sponsor , there 's now Friends of the Earth in Ghana , erm who 've Doctor Plumtree quite rightly said , Ghana are working hard on re-forestation schemes , and a scheme that Friends of the Earth is doing is a community re- forestation scheme , because a lot of the re-forestation schemes are from the top down , and they do n't actually get the villagers involved in whatever , so we 'll actually be funding community reforestation schemes , several species of trees , particularly those which help to regenerate the soil , especially if it 's been degraded because the trees have been chopped down , or what-have-you .
16 ‘ Our recruits will earn a good weekly salary and they 'll also be given quality training which should help their employment prospects in the long-term . ’
17 Er because of the problems the stock piles of coal at various pits , I think there is about forty five million tons stocked at various pits , they 'll still be using coal from Bywater and so that there 's no necessity to mine coal in such er vast amount .
18 Some of them will be making a video recording of the items which have been performed in the past and they will also be taking part in an International Festival of Movement and Dance in Edinburgh in April .
19 Is it one at which they will simply be given information by the teacher in role ?
20 When he hangs up his gloves he says he 'll just be doing alot more gardening instead .
21 It will probably be passed alto to a small committee of the European Parliament , but the Parliament has already voted by a large majority in favour of a ban and a further reference may be deemed unnecessary .
22 Rickardsson is to concentrate on Ipswich this year , although he will also be riding league speedway in Sweden and Poland .
23 If anyone in the SSD can shed any light on the matter , or better still on the origins of the letter , she or he will immediately be nominated reader of the week , be the envy of all and sundry , and receive a special prize .
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