Example sentences of "[pron] be at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Evidently in positing a given object as an ontological individual I am at the same time committed to accepting that contextually there must be certain criteria whereby such an individual can be meaningfully referred to as numerically the same .
2 As we have defined it , the category of semantic indicator overlaps with that of semantic tally , impure tallies being those which are at the same time indicators ( full or partial ) ; it includes that of semantic categoriser — a categoriser is necessarily a full indicator .
3 It is a means by which a relationship may be maintained with objects which are at the same time always potentially alienable .
4 Thus , a whole range of decisions would not be left merely to the instinct of the doctor , good though he or she may be , but would be set down in a form which is at the same time authoritative , yet flexible and able to change if circumstances demand .
5 Professor Mark Roberts , speaking from the centre of the critical consensus , declared : ‘ It does n't issue from an understanding of reality which is not to be denied , it is not moulded by some controlling vision of things which is at the same time its raison d'être . ’
6 It should be clear by this time that if there is one critical statement entirely and absolutely wrong , it is the one quoted at the start of this chapter , about The Lord of the Rings not being ‘ moulded by some controlling vision of things which is at the same time its raison d'être' .
7 The earlier of the two identifies the poet with his poetry , praying that after his death he should be forgotten : Sonnet 74 draws a different line , separating the Poet from his work : The point to be stressed at this juncture — forgive the interruption ! — is the turning of the other into the self and of the self into poetry , which is at the same time the turning of life into art and of transience into immortality : This marvellous poem can be linked , no doubt , to the series attacking time and proclaiming the certainty of the poet 's survival .
8 The opening phrase " The poor young man is significant in this respect : since it can hardly be treated as Pemberton 's own self-pitying assessment of himself , it must be taken as the author 's narrative voice ; and thus establishes , from the beginning , a relation between the author and the main character which is at the same time sympathetic and distanced .
9 It is this version of the relationship between adult education and the women 's movement which is at the same time the most challenging and the most precarious .
10 Alcoves like this can also be treated like separate small rooms and lined with mirror ; or with the curtain or shade fabric ; or painted or papered in a colour from the room scheme which is at the same time different from the main walls .
11 Design as a complex , multi-dimensional activity achieves through forming at once a mode of knowing the world which is at the same time also a mode of acting in the world .
12 From this perspective , electoral politics were only one aspect of the struggle , and the parliamentary leaders were considered subordinate to the leadership of the mass party , which was at the same time the leadership of the class itself Conservative and liberal parties , however much they in fact represented class interests , saw themselves as parties functioning within an established social order and a system of political institutions in which parliament was supreme .
13 I know it happens in individual subjects and there 's the element of repetition but , you are at the same time making them reflect over a certain period and say I have not entirely wasted my time , there maybe some youngsters for whom it will be extremely difficult , and I except that but my thinking is that is you look hard enough you can find something that everybody has done at whatever level that they can take some pride in .
14 providing you 're at the same time .
15 Moody , sensitive and sometimes secretive she is at the same time a little girl needing to be cuddled and a teenager requiring her own space .
16 Davie himself provides the example of a dedicated university teacher , who is at the same time a fine poet , a practitioner of rigorously evaluative criticism , and a judicious reviewer .
17 Then she was like one of those seers who is at the same time a strange animal , like a priestess in a bear 's cave .
18 Through the use of these negatives ( engineering and maths ) , we can see students ' construction of an identity as ‘ physicist ’ : a person who is not too remote from reality , but who is at the same time capable of independent and abstract thought — a point we shall return to in Chapter 6 .
19 Thrilled to the core by his admission that she disturbed and aroused him , she was at the same time terrified .
20 Marcus again smiled what Ludens saw as a mysterious complicit smile , as if Ludens were a talented tempter who was at the same time a fellow initiate .
21 He was a straightforward patriot , and , most of all , a man of action , who was at the same time a man of natural sensitivity towards suffering .
22 Yet we are at the same time perturbed by more recent and present-day developments .
23 To sum up , in positing an item as an ontological existent we are at the same time by implication positing this item as a potential subject of a non-arbitrary subset of predicates from among an indefinite number of meaningful predicates , and hence as completely determinate with regard to possible descriptions that may be given of it at any given time .
24 ‘ And here we are at the same time of year — well , they tell us it 's the same time of year , ’ he said , sarcastically , ‘ — and what we 're expected to eat are knobbly things actually grown in dirt !
25 She said , any time at all if we 're at the same time .
26 There was at the same time a dramatic decline in the amount of milk produced by urban cattle-keepers and supplied by road .
27 The occupation forces in the territory of defeated enemies might be seen as temporary inconveniences , but there was at the same time a natural tendency to acquire overseas bases from which to extend the reach of America 's armed forces .
28 Such measures shall be introduced in such a way that … they are at the same time conducive to price stability , a high level of employment and foreign trade equilibrium , and thus steady and adequate economic growth .
29 What White and Bernard also omit to make clear is that , while the great majority of the ordinary members of the church may well have been largely indifferent to theological issues , many of them were at the same time both outraged and alarmed by a number of alien liturgical practices , which were a unique and highly visible feature of English Arminianism .
30 It might make sense to the financial director faced with a demand which far outweighs supply ; after all , this recycling of other houses ' wines is perfectly legal , but it is at the same time deliberately hoodwinking the public .
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