Example sentences of "[art] [noun sg] of [noun] [adv] [art] " in BNC.

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1 This is analogous to the complexity of computers where the signals are essentially noughts and ones but the response depends on previous events .
2 All too often the change of conditions when the sale is made and the fish is taken home , is all that is needed finally to send the unfortunate creature to that great big goldfish bowl in the sky .
3 If the Earth were to be moved today into the orbit of Venus then the ice caps would melt , the oceans would start to evaporate , the carbonate rocks would begin to yield up CO 2 , and various other surface reservoirs would begin to lose volatiles .
4 It is difficult to assess market value particularly in relation to goodwill ; much time can be spent in arguing about the measure of damages when the parties ought to simply concentrate on establishing whether or not the breach occurred .
5 ‘ One of our key objectives is to reduce unemployment in the heart of Bootle where the rate is especially high . ’
6 In the case of ANLT however the number of parses suggested can be excessive ( e.g. ‘ I enter orders until the markets close ’ produced 4,848 different parses )
7 They 've got very low conducting 's the opposite of resistance so the good conductors
8 The programme of many modern philosophers , therefore , has been to develop a conception of man and his mind which either disposes of or downgrades the inner , private arena , making the function of mind essentially a part of the public and physical world .
9 Mobbs had returned to Britain from a post at the University of Zambia where the vice-chancellor , a Canadian , had imposed a course unit structure with four units per year , but no choice .
10 They are making an appeal for £3.5 million in order that it can be rehoused at the University of Cambridge where a special facility is going to be added to the university library .
11 It is sensible therefore that the health departments should give priority for new schemes to areas such as the north west of England and the west of Scotland where the prevalence of dental caries remains high and where large water treatment works allow for economies of scale .
12 The position of the casualty was still uncertain , but she had reported that she was somewhere to the west of Burtonport so the lifeboat set course to the NW at full speed , adjusting as necessary for the large swell , and calling the casualty on the VHF radio .
13 He had become a legend and he ensured he got the kind of treatment only a legend deserved .
14 Although the guidebook says it 's E2 5c , this is the kind of climb where a grade lacking some type of ‘ stomach shuffle component means it is n't that relevant .
15 It could be argued that home-school links is precisely the kind of issue where a generalized LEA policy is least appropriate , since the chemistry of relationships between each school 's staff and its parents is a unique and subtle matter , hardly conducive to centrally determined procedures .
16 ‘ Ours was the kind of business where the major assets walked out of the door each evening and went home .
17 Easy to defend , with its walls still existing , and the two rivers , and of course , with resources , with fuel and war effort , and the kind of buildings where the king could form a court .
18 Okay , so he was a porter , low man in the hierarchy , but this was the kind of time when the barriers went down and he did n't have to wear a label .
19 The following two case studies show the kind of situation where a family meeting is a helpful part of the social work plan .
20 It 's just the kind of situation where a man feels he 's the only guy in the world who does n't know the form and it 's embarrassing .
21 In other words , if we choose coordinates so that the linearised flow near the origin takes the form we can use these equations to work out the point on the side of B where a trajectory emerges from B if it starts at a point on the top face of B. ( We assume that the box B is a cube with faces which are part of the planes .
22 There is a period each year before the onset of spring when the land breathes anticipation .
23 His Lordship added that where the presumptions created a result which was contrary to the intention of Parliament then the presumptions had to give way .
24 A commuter on the M8 would encounter a series of messages on the speed of traffic just a few miles ahead and , if that slowed , or the road were blocked , information on the most suitable diversion could be given in plenty of time to allow a driver to leave the motorway and avoid the hold up .
25 Formal objections are not invited at this consultation stage as a further period will be allowed for the submission of objections when the proposals are formally advertised .
26 The Lorne plateau , between Loch Awe and Oban in western Scotland , lies to the north-east of Kilmelford where the Lagalochan intrusive complex has been investigated for copper and gold .
27 Some very good examples of solution effects may be observed on the coast of Glamorgan where the Carboniferous Limestone emerges as the wavecut platform from beneath Liassic cliffs , for example near Nash Point .
28 And the notion of generalization decrement can also explain the effects of prior exposure to B alone if it is allowed that such training will make the B stimulus less effective and thus relatively unlikely to interfere with the perception of A when the two are presented in compound .
29 respectively , within this volume M is defined as the inverse of L. Then the tensors are defined as the weighted averages of the tensors of each phase r : thus where is the volume concentration of phase r ( that is ) and , by analogy with the isotropic case discussed earlier on p. 115 , are concentration factor tensors such that and where I is the unit tensor .
30 I should add that the court 's answer in paragraph 19 to question 2(b) , which referred to claims in ‘ tort and contract and for unjust enrichment ’ ( emphasis added ) would seem to have the effect of ruling out the third heading since it is a restitutionary claim not based on tort .
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