Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] [adv] be [verb] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 I 'll definitely be taking care this time , ’ said Martin , who was allowed out of hospital on Christmas Eve .
2 If this had n't happened , I 'd probably be teaching music .
3 Enya : ‘ If this had n't happened , I 'd probably be teaching music . ’
4 My friends are still traumatised by the shock of passing over , but rest assured I shall soon be attempting communion with them .
5 I shall merely be requesting information about a taste which puzzles me , not demanding a further reason without which the whole string of answers will prove to be baseless .
6 Er I hope that makes the matter clear , because when we come to make a decision on this group of amendments , er when I er seek the opinion of the er Committee on my Amendment five , I shall only be seeking agreement to Amendment five and its related amendments er eight and eleven and if the Noble Lord , Lord er if , if the House were er to disagree with my Amendment or if it were to be withdrawn and the Noble Lord , Lord amendment were , were put , I think he would agree that it would only tha that that a decision by the Committee would only relate to the amendments in his name because we have in fact four alternatives before us which we are debating together .
7 The following is a list ( not exhaustive ) of matters which should certainly be given consideration .
8 Every announcement , public statement or document as aforesaid made or published by it or on its behalf in the course of KPMG 's engagement hereunder will contain all particulars required to comply with all applicable statutory , legal and regulatory provisions ( other than particulars required by the rules and regulations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales arising out of the involvement of any Indemnified Person in the Offer ) and all requirements of The Stock Exchange and of the City Code , all other information which might reasonably be considered material in the context thereof and all facts , expressions of opinion , expectations or intentions or other information reasonably required by KPMG ;
9 Following the decision to commit US ground-based forces , estimates as to the numbers which might ultimately be deployed rose quickly and , on Aug. 10 , it was widely leaked that the administration had adopted a " contingency plan " involving the use of 250,000 ground troops should full-scale fighting break out with Iraq .
10 He said that after 3 ½ years of competition between British Telecom and the Cable and Wireless subsidiary , Mercury Communications , it was time to survey customers ' experience and , if necessary , ‘ identify practices which might still be inhibiting competition ’ .
11 Sandys accepted the need for carriers in limited war and enshrined the continued existence off our carrier groups , one of which would normally be deployed East of Suez , in his 1957 White Paper .
12 Together with the Activity Books they provide an invaluable teaching resource which will save teachers hours of time which would otherwise be spent recording or researching materials .
13 This article , then , is motivated by a dissatisfaction or a discomfort with most of what passes for television theory : the doubts about the existence of anything which can usefully be called television theory are real .
14 In the very strongest language , which can rightly be called anger , Jesus expresses his seven woes against religious leaders who put religiosity before worship of the true and living God ( cf. Matt. 23 ) .
15 Although application forms can be very thorough and very revealing there are some questions which can only be asked face to face , and in an interview where a good rapport has been established .
16 Some of them are reluctant to ask visiting relatives , who may already be doing shopping for them , to run extra errands , such as taking prescriptions to the chemist or clothes to the launderette or dry cleaners , changing their library books and collecting their pension ; so it is always as well to check to make sure that you are meeting these needs , or arranging for someone else to do so .
17 When removed from the toy-town world of textbooks , information about investment and calculations based on an understanding of interest rates can be illuminating for the young mathematician who may also be studying geography , business studies or economics at school .
18 For example , the modern female hostage who falls in love with her captor may not merely be manifesting the well-known defence of ‘ identification with the aggressor ’ ( particularly since it is not so much identification with him as submission to him ) , she may instead be giving way to her phylogenetic id and its demand that a female captured by a male should look to him for sexual satisfaction .
19 ‘ Ben and I were sure that you must still be feeling jet lagged .
20 To do this you should always be looking upwind to spot the give-away dark furry patches on the water that mark their approach .
21 If you 're converting your loft , or want a fitted bedroom or bathroom , you 'll probably be making use of fibreboards in one shape or another .
22 Breakfast is included at all hotels and at some , you 'll also be given dinner inclusive of the voucher price .
23 You 'd simply be committing suicide : you 're either a killer or some fruitcake who thinks he 's a killer and neither wanted in today 's modern Army thank you . ’
24 Imagine yourself as an examiner working on a huge pile of scripts in pleasant summer weather when you would rather be playing tennis .
25 For example , the director of nursing may devise the system for allocating annual leave but the ward sister may determine who will actually be given holiday at any particular time .
26 Retailers who will definitely be taking space are Dixon Sports , Strand Cards , H Samuel , C&J Clark and Dorothy Perkins .
27 This includes the child who will only be granted leave if the court is satisfied that he has sufficient understanding to make the application ( s10(9) ) .
28 The Budget did offer more hope to unemployed disabled people , who will now be given priority in the vocational education initiative and in the Community Action programme .
29 In your professional work after you have qualified , you will rarely be allowed time to do everything twice and so you had better learn now .
30 If you are pregnant you will normally be allowed maternity leave of 48 weeks .
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