Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] [be] hold to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The question which concerns the text is therefore not tracing , but valuing the property which may be held to be under trust .
2 The search for the motivation leads back to the hypothesis put forward earlier , that life itself could be held to be synonymous with desire , therefore to have life was to have desire .
3 However , the rising level of deaths and serious injuries in industry generally is a matter of great shame to us all , but it is a matter of great shame in particular for those who can be held to be responsible .
4 Since it was impossible to envisage the use of nuclear weapons in any way consistent with the laws of war , and since great and apparently law-abiding Powers possessed and threatened to use them , they must be held to be simply beyond the scope of international law ,
5 Either it must be said , in traditional terms , that , together with his human nature , he also had , in one person , a divine nature ; or in some other way he must be held to be unique .
6 They were left to the existing law whatever it might be held to be .
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