Example sentences of "[pron] [vb past] at the [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 I came at the same time as the Sweeper came for I saw him standing by this very cage in clothes the people wear and not in Keeper-clothes such as he began to wear afterwards . ’
2 But what I heard at the same time was the most fantastic application of expression .
3 I giggle a little as I fetch the little dark blue jacket I bought at the same time : it was rather extravagant to buy both but they seemed to belong together .
4 I resigned at the same time as they asked for my resignation .
5 I left at the right time as I felt the band had run out of ideas and it was becoming motivated by the wrong things .
6 Well if I left at the same time as you he mi he might feel obliged to offer me a lift but if he did
7 The enormous increase in the demand for lace was largely due to the fashion for lace curtains which came at the same time as a huge house-building programme , and buyers came from home and abroad to negotiate their deals in the Lace Market .
8 Internal chip design , which began at the same time that HaL Computer Systems Inc started developing its own proprietary 64-bit Sparc chips , aims at producing a 500MHz microprocessor by the fourth quarter of 1996 .
9 Internal chip design , which began at the same time that HaL Computer Systems started developing its own proprietary 64-bit Sparc chips , aims at producing a 500MHz microprocessor part by the fourth quarter of 1996 .
10 Metty is a misfit , as Golding 's Matty is in Darkness Visible , a novel which appeared at the same time as Naipaul 's .
11 a nationalism which stood upon a critique of the very idea of civil society , a movement supported by the bourgeoisie which rejected the idea of progress , the ideology of a political organisation fighting for the creation of a modern national State which accepted at the same time the ideology of ‘ enlightened anarchy ’ .
12 When Coenred went to Rome he went in the company of Offa , son of Sigehere and king of the eastern Saxons , who abdicated at the same time ( HE V , 19 ) , and the harmony which appears to have prevailed between Coenred and Offa is another salutary warning not to describe relations between overlords and their royal dependants in this period as one of constant hostility .
13 You came at the right time to save me and Hawkins . ’
14 She came at the same time ; then , as he lay there , quivering in his spent heat , she rolled off him and on to her knees .
15 Catherine and Donald Carswell were a husband and wife literary team who flourished at the same time as another pair , Willa and Edwin Muir .
16 He added : ‘ While Britain will enter the 21st century on the back of a 19th century railway system our French partners , who started at the same time , will have built their modern system ready for the opening of the Channel Tunnel , 10 years ahead of Britain . ’
17 She worked at the same time for her own degree and in 1881 took a B.Sc .
18 Leith had grown fond of both of them , and , feeling sorry for them , she knew at the same time that this was something they would have to work out for themselves .
19 Tom Russell , she learned at the same time , drank his black as well .
20 But , even while visualizing entering the cupboard , she had at the same time been fully aware that she was in a non-threatening situation ( lying in her own bed ) and so , once again , the subconscious mind had no need to send out those panic signals .
21 We are nibbling , we 're constantly nibbling , we nibbled at the last time , and Councillor on our behalf has nibbled at it as well , erm , a report , erm
22 Thus , while trade unionists wished old people to be kept at a level of economic decency , they realized at the same time that pensions without a retirement condition would erode the wage structure and weaken trade union bargaining .
23 ‘ Oh no ! ’ they exclaimed at the same time .
24 In such phrases one sees a characteristic Tolkienian strength : his ideas were often paradoxical and had deep intellectual roots , but they appealed at the same time to simple things and to everyday experience .
25 All we can reasonably conclude is that they happened at the same time .
26 They arrived at the same time ! ’
27 Now the , the pensions when they raised at the same time , because we only pension raised every year , and we 're up there at that particular time at the Lothian region , a full council meeting .
28 Through the Declaration of Ilo , the two presidents committed Bolivia and Peru to implement the terms of the Gran Mariscal Andrés de Santa Cruz bilateral framework agreement , which they signed at the same time , for economic co-operation between the two countries .
29 There were three women and they died at the same time so God goes cos you do n't all three of you do n't so , erm , the first one goes : I wan na go back to Earth thousand times are better so she goes back as a President , right ?
30 They spoke at the same time .
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