Example sentences of "[pron] [vb past] [adv] at [det] time " in BNC.

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1 No , well he was he I knew him quite well because I lived in at that time when I w was on that T V series , I lived at Pinner .
2 I did n't at any time actually offer it to her . ’
3 I had not at that time met any Americans but the sight of them prowling through what was now my favourite town , talking in their unfamiliar accents to anyone who would listen , rubbed me up the wrong way .
4 I had not at that time ever been to India .
5 Many traders , dockers and railwaymen came into these towns which grew rapidly at this time .
6 Over the farmhouse door is a date stone , 1712 , referring to Roger and Isabella Taylor , who lived there at that time .
7 My father had another , everything was okay if you came out at any time after the thirty first of March , look all I 'm doing now is I was giving back , er taking my position as the company director , getting a salary off the rent in my farms and small holdings and my shares in shipping .
8 I mean looking at the game you just could n't believe United would only get a point out of it erm when you went in at half time only one nil up , you so dominated the game I do n't think Charlton had a chance did they ?
9 I had strong words about our defending when we went in at half time .
10 A survey of members we carried out at that time indicated concerns about the costs of implementing regulation , particularly in relation to the audit of smaller companies ( see ACCOUNTANCY , January 1992 , p 21 ) .
11 It looked good for the cherry and whites , as they turned round at half time with an 8-0 lead .
12 He lived in at that time just over the road er down the road here and then something went wrong during the war that was over my father and er cos matter of fact when my father come off the dredger erm the Harbourmaster wanted to give him er he give him the push and turned round and he said my father name was .
13 Wilfrid withdrew to Ripon and , although he acted on occasion as bishop for Wulfhere among the Mercians and even ordained priests and deacons in Kent , he did not at this time exercise episcopal functions north of the Humber ( HE III , 28 ; Vita Wilfridi , ch. 14 ) .
14 He had not at that time known that specific request for permission to shoot at Yugoslavs in support of Military Government had come from Gen Keightley at 5 Corps in Austria .
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