Example sentences of "[pron] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Oh Spilled my cup of tea over the tablecloth .
2 At the same time were born new heroes and demigods ; the Hollywood dream factory , which had already indelibly stamped the character of both North America and Great Britain by the 1940s , began to spin its web of enticement over the whole of popular culture .
3 When in 1862 the general synod of the SEC removed the Scottish communion office from its primacy of authority over the English Book of Common Prayer he took the Episcopal bishops to court , appealing as far as the House of Lords ; he defended his case himself but lost the action in 1867 .
4 The Kings Head has welcomed its share of celebrities over the year , including Turner , whilst working on his painting of Easby Abbey , Franz Liszt , who arrive late to play in the ballroom , and , more recently , Val Doonican .
5 This similarity suggests a relationship between a person 's position in the organizational structure and their scope of influence over the design .
6 Iran on Sept. 10 repeated its claim of sovereignty over the Gulf islands of Abu Musa , Tunb al-Kubra and Tunb al-Sughra , and rejected a Sept. 9 statement by the six-nation Gulf Co-operation Council ( GCC ) supporting the UAE 's sovereignty [ see below ] .
7 Gresham 's School , Holt have made their contribution of players over the years and they are the current holders of the Henry Griserson trophy for the side which most impressed the XL Club by its performance on and off the field in 1991 .
8 Rodrigo strove mightily not to offend his Moorish subjects , especially in Valencia which became his base of operations over the succeeding months .
9 He slung his cloak of feathers over the staff and Scathach helped him to sit down in the slight shelter that this garment offered .
10 ‘ Simon sitting between the twins and Piggy , wiped his mouth and shoved his piece of meat over the rocks to Piggy who grabbed it .
11 Then he slides his saucepan of milk over the flame .
12 Gary Wolstenholme drew on his wealth of experience over the Hoylake course to give England the all-important point which keeps them on course for a fifth title in a decade .
13 If a third party has harmed the child , therefore , the statutory criteria will only be met if a reasonable parent would have acted to prevent the harm or was unable to do so because of his lack of control over the child .
14 If you have planned and carried out your strategy of study over the earlier laps , like the 5000-metre runner , you should be on the inside lane and in a good position at the bell for the last lap .
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